Confessions of a College Student

1.     I have an 8am. I have to do my hair and makeup, take a shower so I smell good, and pick out an acceptable outfit. It’s amazing how an 8am turns into a 6am really fast.

2.     I have an hour between my classes. Do I walk the fifteen minutes back to my dorm, go get unhealthy food from the dining hall, or “study” for an hour?

3.     The library is overcrowded. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can never find a seat during finals week or even on a random Tuesday, and forget about finding a seat near an outlet.

4.     I get a laundry budget that allows me fifteen loads a semester. I struggle between being clean and not having to reload my laundry card.


5.     The laundry room is nasty. When I am doing one of my fifteen loads a semester I have to dodge other people’s (hopefully) clean underwear and other questionable clothing garments. There’s always a large puddle in the middle of the floor and I always find hair in my dryer that I am not sure is mine. It’s a rough world out there folks.



6.     I only get 45 dollars for laundry but I get 120 dollars to print every semester, I could print the dictionary twice but I can’t do more than 15 loads of laundry, does anyone else see a problem with that?



7.     When I eat in the dining hall, I end up wandering aimlessly for a good twenty minutes before I find my friends.


8.     WALK ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SIDEWALK WHEN YOU ARE WALKING AROUND CAMPUS. I am all for individuality, but don’t walk on the left side of the sidewalk because then you are “that” person.



9.     Marino is always crowded. Even when I am able to find a treadmill, the people on either side of me are running at like level 100 so I feel inferior.


10.  All I want is something that says Northeastern on it but I can’t because the cheapest thing the bookstore sells is a twenty-five-dollar pair of college pride socks and I have to save for laundry.



11.  I really want new friends and to go join new clubs but I really don’t want to have to put on pants and go out into the real world. Getting off my couch and into humanity is a constant struggle.



12.  All my classes have a test on the same day. It’s like they are testing my stamina and I have found that I don’t have any.


13.  Rebecca’s is always overcrowded and I end up having to eat outside and fight off the savage squirrels that try and steal my food.



14.  The line at Starbucks (and DD) is always a mile long. To get coffee for my 11:45 class I practically have to be in line at 10:45 and if you only have ten minutes between class wave goodbye to that coffee.


All this being said, I love Northeastern and wouldn’t change where I go to school for anything. I love my friends and the memories I am making here. I love the city I am in and I even love the late nights where it’s me and Ben and Jerry just trying to make it through the week. I know I am getting an education that I will have forever and am making friends that will last a lifetime, but here’s to the struggles I think we all face along the way.