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A Complete How To Guide for Surviving a New England “Spring”

Winter has finally passed, the Groundhog declared that we would have an early Spring and yet instead of feeling the sun's warmth and flower buds, it snowed last week. Yet, two weeks before that, it was almost 80 degrees. Surviving New England's "spring time" means surviving Mother Nature while it has PMS-level mood swings every other hour. Luckily, HCNU has exactly what you need to get through these uncertain times:

To Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions

Spring time requires a lot of layering. It can be cold one second and hot the next. To avoid looking disheveled, use a Brappz strap to always look chic under a tank top, sweater and/or hoodie. It will keep your outfit accessorized and keep your bra matching your layers underneath so you can easily transition from one look to the next 

To Pay People Back for the Overpriced Spring Fest Tickets on myNEU

Naturally, your chances to see Chance (ha, see what I did there?) depends on the reliability of myNEU. In other words, may the odds be ever in your favor. Use CirclePay, a social payment app that lets you send and receive money with just an email or a phone number to help quickly send money to the people on Northeastern marketplace selling tickets for $40.

Have Flawless Makeup For Spring Formal Season

Milani eyeliner has Sephora quality for CVS prices. It is the perfect product to experiment with cool colors or a different kind of winged liner that you were always afraid to fly. Try out new looks with your roommates!

Avoid Frizz

The crazy weather of Spring often leads to unexpected rain showers that can totally mess up your hairstyle. Use TRESemme Pre-Wash conditioner and Full Volume Shampoo to control the frizz. Your blowout won't go to waste.

Plan Your Summer Travel

Dream of actual warm weather and plan trips for this summer. If you are a freshmen, NU has a crazy long summer. Don't let it go to waste. If you are on co-op and have time between Summer 1 or Summer 2 and Fall, use some of your savings to take the trip you always dreamed of. How can you make this happen? With CEA Study Abroad! Students can take classes and earn credits. As long as NU approves your program, you can get some prereqs out of the way outside of Boston. 

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Morgan is currently a third year at Northeastern University in Boston working towards a degree in Finance and a dual minor in Economics and Political Science. She is the co-president and Campus Correspondent for the Northeastern Her Campus Chapter and also involved with Alpha Kappa Psi and Streak Media. Morgan is originally from NJ and despite popular sentiment believes it to be the best state in the country. Her interests include cooking things that don't look as pretty as they did on Pinterest, reading while drinking tea, going to the beach, fitness and nutrition, and Netflix binging (:
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