A Coat for Every (Unpredictable) New England Day

It comes as no surprise that New England weather is rather, well, tumultuous, unpredictable and extremely volatile. One day it could be 76 degrees, and then two days later it barely breaks 50; and we wish we could say we were surprised!

As the seasons begin to change, we see different coats coming out of the closet at certain stages. People are transitioning from days where they could walk out without a coat, to days where they can barely get out of bed without multiple layers. This is also the perfect opportunity to see who is a native New Englander and who is from an area with mild winters or no seasons at all. I’m looking at you California.

Here is how a typical New Englander will transition her coats with the weather, but of course this is rarely ever liner as the weather above this region likes to change its mind on the reg.

  1. All you need is a light jacket
  2. Bumping up the thickness...and the length
  3. Okay, now I need a zipper, and pockets
  4. Either I add a hat or a hood, (or both!), but I need more coverage
  5. And now my jacket has to cover my butt or I’ll freeze. And it needs to be insulated. And have a hood. And pockets.

And then, of course, if you aren’t from here, you immediately jump from stage one to the warmest jacket ever because, well, you never needed anything in between. 

You know people are desperately cold when the Canada Goose jackets come out...in October. Good luck to all of those already freezing, in New England terms, this is hot.