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Christian Williams

Name: Christian Williams
Nickname: Cwill
Age: 23
Year at NU: Senior
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Norwood, MA
Where you can find me: On Co-op at The Patriot Ledger

What I’m involved with at NU
I play for the men’s rugby team and am involved in NUTV.

The sports team I cheer for
I’m a fan of the Celtics, Patriots, Duke basketball, Red Sox, and Kobe Bryant.

My favorite thing about Northeastern
It has to be the people that go here. Everyone I have met since I transferred here is interesting and unique in his or her own way. Meeting someone new for the first time is always an experience here.

Where I can be found on a Saturday night
If I’m not celebrating a win with my rugby teammates, I can be on The Hill, party rocking with my friends or downtown at some random nightlife venue.

My role model
In sports, it’s Kobe Bryant. In journalism it’s Bill Simmons. In a fictional world, its Vinny Chase from Entourage.

Where I’ll be in five years
Hopefully acting in some of the screenplays I’ve written, which hopefully will be successful and funny enough for mainstream media. If not, blogging about sports in my parent’s basement until I get a big enough following for ESPN to sign me onto their website.

My favorite spot in Boston
It has to be the bridge on Mass Ave. The bridge itself isn’t anything spectacular, but the view it gives of the entire city is nice to see, especially around sunset.

If I could be anywhere else right now it would be
Wan’s deli on the Hill, getting my sandwich ON TIME!!

My celebrity crush
Easy. Alicia Keys. (Swizz Beats, I hate you.)

My guilty pleasure
Fast food. I’m skinny on the outside, but I’m sure my arteries are backed up like 5pm rush hour. Whatever.

An interesting fact
Only 9 of my fingers fully work. I know, crazy…and gross.

The worst pick up line I’ve ever used
“Hey baby, I noticed you noticing me. And I wanted to put you on notice, that I noticed you too.”  I stole it from the Fresh Prince, but butchered the line so bad the girl walked away. In hindsight, she probably would have either way.

Five things that a Northeastern student should have on their Boston bucket list
1. Get a sandwich from Wan’s on Tremont on the Hill. Order an hour ahead, though.
2. Go to one of the Men’s Rugby games. They’re secretly one of the best teams in the country. Check it out.
3. Venture outside of Snell and take a peek into the Boston Library.
4. Run in the Boston Marathon. I never have, but you totally should, I heard it’s life changing.
5. Attend an event at 5dayparty. It’s bi-annual, but it’s through word of mouth so if you don’t know about it now, you probably won’t know later.


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