Celebrating Finals in the Most Realistic Way Possible

The term finals is a basic concept. They are what they are and they sound how they sound. Do you know what it means when they're over? It means that you've officially made it through an entire semester, and in my case, I made it through the entire year at Northeastern University. The only thing I have to say is, thank you lord have mercy I MADE IT.

It was a tough one for me, I am not going to lie to you. Transitioning from one school into a more prestigious and academically rigorous university was nearly impossible in the beginning, and now I am two weeks away from being done with my sophomore year. But I think the most important thing I should point out is how I am going to celebrate this wonderful event in my life. No, I am not graduating, but I am going on my first co-op and continuing further into adulthood. It's absolutely terrifying, exciting, and freeing.

First things first, at the end of the school year, you have to clean out everything that reminds you of bad times. I just went through all of the stuff in my desk and cleaned out old pens and papers (recycled of course), packed up my winter gear and boots, because I am ready to embrace the warm weather if New England permits, and took one last look at all of the pictures I have on my wall of the people I love because I know that they were here to help me through this entire year.

                                                                                       Courtesy of Giphy

Secondly, everyone is going to tell you to do some self care or go out and celebrate, but that all takes so much effort. If you can make it into the shower and close the blinds before your nap that sounds like a very nice congratulations to me. I don’t want to have a girls' night until I am fully rested and have taken my own time after a semester of constantly having to communicate group project plans or how you're visiting your family this weekend.

                                                                                          Courtesy of Giphy

Third, buy the shoes. I work part-time and on some weekends travel all the way to Maine to make some extra cash at a local restaurant. I have been saving to travel, to pay for my housing, school supplies, and to buy my unnecessary coffee in the morning. But after making it through this year, I am going to treat myself. I want a pair of Madewell Jeans. I want a nice pair of summer sneakers, and I will buy a nice pair of glasses because I deserve them. A girl can’t have all this hard work without luxury purchased by herself right? That being said, the spending will stop after that because I would rather travel a lot than just collect items.

                                                                                Courtesy of Giphy

Spring is here! Go enjoy yourself after finals!