Campus Cutie: Alicia Guyton

Name: Alicia Guyton

Year: Middler, or am I supposed to say third year? Motion to make Middler cool again. 

Major: communications & music industry

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 

Relationship Status: "Single and a fan of Pringles (or ready to mingle? What do the kids say these days?)"

Favorite Movie: Obvious Child, Singing in the Rain, The Graduate

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

"BOMB. A$$. BITCH. And if profanity isn’t allowed: Thinks she’s funny. And if contractions don’t count as one word: Funny, loyal, easygoing"

What are you involved in on campus?

"Husky Ambassadors, Kappa Delta, and the most popular D1 sport on NU’s Campus: waiting in the Rebecca’s line"

What's your favorite spot in Boston and why?

"It’s a tie between Improv Asylum and Cappy’s because I’m obsessed with comedy shows and theater but also with Cappy’s froyo, so my priorities may be skewed but, yes, that’s my final answer, Regis."

Describe your ideal date

"A Braves...sorry, Red Sox’s game or hanging out at an outdoor festival of some sorts"

If you could be doing anything in the world right now, what would you be doing and where would you be doing it?

Eating trdelnik in Prague (I went backpacking through Europe this summer. It’s a whole thing. Peace love Prague. Miss u boo).