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Boston Cupcake Shop of the Week: Sweet Cupcakes

Sweet Cupcakes
is an adorable little chain of cupcake shops around Boston with locations in Back Bay, Newbury Street, Downtown and Harvard Square.

Last weekend, our Campus Correspondents and I ventured to the Newbury Street shop for a taste test of our own. With an assortment of cupcakes to choose from like the ever classic Red Velvet, to seasonal cupcakes like Honey Nectarine, everything looked so delicious.

After much deliberation, I finally settled on a summer seasonal Pink Lemonade cupcake while Mel chose Strawberry Shortcake. The lemonade frosting was amazing and tasted just like lemonade, while the actual cake part was not very flavorful. Even though it wasn’t my favorite cupcake, I would definitely be willing to go back and try something different.

Mel seemed to have the opposite problem with her cupcake. She chose the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake based off of its looks and while she loved the strawberry filling, there was a little too much frosting on the cupcake for her taste.

Atmosphere-wise, there were a few tables for seating and Some Like it Hot was playing in the background as we devoured the cupcakes. All in all, Sweet is the perfect place to relax and enjoy an afternoon cupcake snack. Also, if you are a fan of the store Tiffany’s, they also make a beautiful cake shaped like a Tiffany’s box that would make every girl drool (as seen in the bottom shelf of the display below).

On the Sweet Cupcakes website, you can see their daily and seasonal flavors as well as order cupcakes online and look through photos of amazing cupcakes. I know I will definitely be going back for a S’mores cupcake in the fall and a Candy Cane cupcake in December.

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