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Boston Bound

Spring Break is finally here! No more tests, no more responsibilities---well, at least for a week. Although many of us may be running to the airport to catch a flight  to Cancun, or headed home to be reunited with high school friends, some of us are staying right here in Boston for this fabulous week of freedom. Not to worry,  Boston is an amazing city--one of the many reasons most of us chose to attend Northeastern. While you are on break, make sure to check out some of these great activities that Boston has to offer to make your spring break one to remember!

Go to a Bruins Game
Maybe you are an avid fan, or maybe you have never attended a game. Either way, a spring break in Boston would be a great opportunity to watch a Boston Bruins Hockey game. There are a number of home games occurring during break. Including the first and third of March. So gather up your friends, put your jersey on, and cheer on the team! Check out the full schedule on the Bruins’ website.

Treat Yourself

Boston is the home to a variety of amazing and diverse restaurants, so venture beyond Huntington Avenue and the Prudential Center to make your stomach happy. Take a trip up to the North End to indulge in Italian! For dessert check out one of the many amazing pastry shops such as Mike’s or Modern. Treat yourself to some seafood (yum chowda!) or some authentic Chinese food in Chinatown. If you feel like getting fancy, head up to Beacon Hill for a fine dinning experience. Either choice, you will leave the table happy!

Take a Tour

We live in one of the most exciting and historic cities in America. That being said, there are a variety of tours constantly being offered. If you have not had the opportunity, grab your friends and take a duck tour. The guides enthusiasm and humor will keep you entertained while you learn history and cool facts about Boston. Or if you prefer to walk, take a walking chocolate tour of Boston. These can be found online, and your stomach will be thanking you for it by the end of the tour!

Go Shopping!
Tourists come from all over to observe the great sites of Boston, and also to shop till they drop on Newbury Street, The Prudential Center, and Copley Place. With stores ranging from Forever 21 to Dior there is sure to be something that fits your style, so why not splurge on something after all the hard work you have put into school this semester? Whether you are looking for cute tops at Zara, or makeup at MAC, you are sure to find whatever you may be looking for. So after a tiring first semester, treat yourself to much earned retail therapy in one of the best shopping locations in the country.

Get Artsy

I know when I first moved to Boston my mother got on my case about going to see some kind of theater. Over the break why not take advantage of the great performing arts we have in Boston. Go catch a symphony right next to Northeastern. Or go down to the theatre district and watch a ballet or a play. If these are not your speed treat yourself and go out to the movies to see something new. Be sure to check out Finale in the theatre district after for a great dessert!  If theatre isn’t quite your thing, stop by the MFA if you haven’t had the chance. Have a nice dinner with friends and appreciate art!
The MFA is also free to all college students!


Spring break is a great opportunity relax and to get yourself organized. Clean your dorm, decorate, go grocery shopping, organize your class materials, and get prepared for after break. If your New Year’s resolution was to get fit, it is not too late to start. We have a whole week off, so de-stress with a yoga class or two. Take nice long naps in the morning without the worry of that 8AM!

No matter where you may be Spring Break is a great opportunity to experience new things, connect with new friends or old friends, and organize yourself. Have an amazing break Collegiettes! You deserve it!  

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