Beyonce Has 24 Hours in a Day and So Do You!

Whether you are on co-op full time or taking a complete load of classes, the fall semester is always busy with new clubs, internships, planning your Hallow-eekend outfits and trying to cope with the colder weather. It appears as though we skipped the fun foliage months and gone straight for the bitter cold; AKA not what I signed up for.

Either way, we could use all the help, tips, suggestions and caffeine possible during a semester like this, so no matter what you’re doing this semester, or what you are mentally preparing to do next semester (looking at you December Grads), here is some advice that will help you get there fabulously and in one piece.


  1. Find Some Drinks to Spice Up Your Day

Doing the 9-to-5 grind day in and day out can definitely take a toll on your motivation, energy and overall interest levels. Finding small ways to add pizzaz to your work day, whether you work at a desk or are always running around, will help bring some life back into it. Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener is one way we like to add a little something sweet, but without sacrificing anything that’s good for us! Can you say win/win?


  1. Get Crafty & Creative

Around this time of the fall semester midterms come pouring in all at the same time, and life becomes a never ending cycle of notes, study groups, outline and flashcards. If you want to find a way to use the other side of your brain and get creative, a good DIY project is always a good place to start. Martha Stewart has tons of crafting supplies available now under her new collection that take your crafts a step above childhood art class and give them a rightful place on your walls.

  1. Be Bold & Be Brave

While trying a new restaurant or coffee shop may not seem like the most courageous thing you could do on a Monday morning, it is always a great place to start. While you will always have your favorites, staples and go-to restaurants, finding a new place to go can completely change your day. If that’s not how you wanna roll, however,  try bringing a new friend, co-worker or potential SO to your fave restaurant and share it with them; you never know what sharing a Chipotle burrito can do for a relationship until you try!

  1. Look Good, Feel Good

I don’t know about you but when I have a bomb outfit on, the world is at my disposal and nothing is out of my reach; I am Queen Bey and I run the world. Sometimes all you need is that one awesome statement necklace, a cool new sweater or fun new makeup and you can completely transform your look. Especially when living in a city, all of these need to stand up to the test of Boston weather, traffic and crowds. The City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeshadow & Eye Primer from New York Color does an amazing job and will have you walking down Huntington like a BO$$.

  1. Quick Fix Fabulous Hair

So we have all done it; overslept before that 8 a.m. class, skipped a shower so we could sleep in a few minutes longer or reached for the hat/sock bun/french braid option when our hair just wasn’t cooperating. The Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray & Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam from TRESemmé will help you style that flat look and give it just a little extra something. It will bounce and be merry on your head so that you too can take on the day without hiding under a hat.

  1. Backpack Be Gone

Northeastern students nearly always have their backpacks on. Whether it’s waiting in line at Rebecca's, waiting to cross Huntington or sitting in Curry, backpacks quickly become an extension of our students. Trying something new will add variety into your school day or give you that sophisticated look on the job. The MZ Wallace Chelsea Tote is big enough to hold everything you need for class (laptop, notebooks, pens etc.) or the necessities of the office (pen & paper, snacks, water etc.). Whether you use it every day of the week or only bring it out on special occasions, this bag can literally and figuratively decrease your load and increase your style.

Now there are no excuses collegiettes! Go out there, unleash your inner Queen Bey and conquor the world!