The Best TV Shows About College

Before actually getting to our college campuses, most of the information we got about this “big next step” we were taking, aside from sessions with advisors and chatting with older friends, was from TV shows and movies. Legally Blonde and The Social Network made us feel ready to achieve anything while The House Bunny got us psyched for social life and parties. Each show displayed college in a different, yet intriguing light. Without further ado, here are the best binge-worthy TV shows about college:

How To Get Away With Murder

In How to Get Away with Murder, a group of top law students balance the day to day struggles of trying to academically please their renowned Criminal Law 100 professor, Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis, with varying levels of involvement in a murder. Each episode shows a little more from the night of a murder while teasingly revealing the brilliant Professor Keating’s incredibly dark secrets. This drama-packed whodunnit combines lovable characters with fresh and emotional twists and turns that will make you hit “next episode” faster than you leave your last class of the day.


grown-ish is by far the most relatable college show I’ve seen. Zoey Johnson, played by Yara Shahidi, comments on different aspects of college life such as time management, partying and romantic relationships while acclimating to them herself. The show invites you to let down your façade, and reminds us that despite appearances, we are all trying to figure out what’s going on. We’re not quite grown up yet – we’re grown-ish.

Dear White People

Dear White People explores the many experiences of people of color attending a PWI, or predominantly-white institution. As the title suggests, they discuss numerous topics that many white people may have questions about, while commenting on the black college student condition. The show combines somewhat glossy investigations of hard-hitting topics like activism, social injustices and sexuality with humorous irony.

Scream Queens

This show combines a scary movie satire with a modern day Mean Girls sorority. Scream Queens is so predictable and tacky at times that it’s hilarious. If not to watch Chanel no. 1, as played by Emma Roberts, overcompensate with jabs at her minions in a Regina George-reminiscent rage or to occasionally glance up at the poorly constructed mystery while doing homework, watch for the glitz, glamour and cute Halloween costume ideas.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother isn’t exactly about being in college, so this one is kind of a stretch. However, Ted does become an architecture professor, and gets totally nervous about his first day on the job. It’s kind of fun to see professors out in the “real world” (throwback to the first time you saw a teacher outside of school, and you realized they didn’t live at school). Anyways, do you really need a reason to watch How I Met Your Mother, the best show of all time?