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The Best Liz Lemon Moments of “30 Rock” to Celebrate Tina Fey at Homecoming 2018

When we heard that Tina Fey was coming to Northeastern, the first thing we did was start re-watching “30 Rock,” which, if we’re being honest, was the best sitcom ever made. Here are some of our favorite Liz moments. 

1. When Liz wanted a guy to buy her mozzarella sticks instead of a drink

2. All the times Liz dressed up as Princess Leia to avoid jury duty

3. When Liz judged a date for not caring about food

4. When Liz chose a sandwich over a man at the airport

5. All the times Liz made sure nothing came between her and Jenna

6. Whenever Liz spoke up against the Patriarchy

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