Best Finals Snacks

Even though Oprah always says not to eat emotionally, sometimes you just need to eat your feelings. Let me tell you, during finals, I have a LOT of feelings. So, if you’re going to chow down while studying to relieve some stress, might as well make sure those snacks are helping you with your studying! Here’s a list of four things I like to keep around during finals week.

  1. Anything mint-flavored

Studies have shown that the taste and scent of peppermint improve your cognitive functions, such as memory, problem solving, and attention span. The best part is that you can pop a few of these while studying as well as during the test to ensure you ace it!


2. Avocado


Avocados are full of healthy fats, which are amazing for your brain. It helps to oxygenate your brain, and consuming it has been noted to improve your prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain where critical thinking takes place! So chow down on some guacamole and dig into that psychology paper.


3. Oats


Oats are full of good carbohydrates that your body turns into glucose. While glucose may seem like a dirty word, as it’s associated with sugar, glucose is actually what fuels your brain! Having a breakfast of oatmeal can give you that extra push of brainpower to get through your accounting exam.


4. Distinctly-flavored gum

This is a tip I learned in AP Psychology that has really stuck with me. If you chew a very distinct flavor of gum when studying a subject, you can chew that same gum during your exam to help your recall! Your brain associates the taste and smell with the information you learned, and chewing the gum triggers your memory.


Leave me a comment if you have any other tips and tricks for finals snacking, and good luck to everyone suffering through finals right now!