The Best and Worst Foods of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a national holiday where friends and family gather together to enjoy a huge, amazing buffet. But, there are foods that are better than others in this variety of dishes. Here are the classic Thanksgiving dishes ranked from worst to best.

13. Salad

                                                                                                             Courtesy of Food

Thanksgiving is not a healthy holiday. If I want to stuff myself with food, salad is the last thing I’d reach for.

12. Stuffing

                                                                                                                       Courtesy of Food

I’m all for textures when it comes to food, but sogginess does not appeal to me. Also, bread is definitely just a placeholder when it comes to Thanksgiving. Leave more room for the real food!

11. Green bean casserole

                                                                                                    Courtesy of Serious Seats

Again, I am not one to support many vegetables, so green bean casserole is an enemy on the plate. However, it does get points for being covered in cream sauce.

10. Rolls

                                                                                             Courtesy of Tales from the Kitchen Shed

Everybody loves bread, but like stuffing, it’s just going to take up space in your stomach, which means, less room for mashed potatoes. We need to prioritize here, people.

9. Pumpkin pie

                                                                                                          Courtesy of General Mills

Pumpkin is an overrated flavor. I get it that fall is pumpkin’s only time to shine, but there are so many other flavors of fall. Cinnamon? Apples? Nutmeg? The list could go on.

8. Corn pudding

                                                                                                              Courtesy of Taste of Home

Corn is a great vegetable. It’s not green, it’s sweet, and it’s in almost every cooking ingredient in America. Corn in a semi-solid form? Sign me up.

7. Gravy

                                                                                                               Courtesy of Simply Recipes

Gravy is great on mashed potatoes, but nothing else. It definitely doesn’t belong on turkey (or any other protein in that case).

6. Ham

                                                                                                                       Courtesy of Food

Ham is a great alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving, but note the word alternative. No matter how hard it tries, ham is only second best.

5. Apple pie

                                                                                                                 Courtesy of Taste of Home

The holy grail of Thanksgiving desserts, apple pie is best served warm with a generous scoop of ice cream. This is definitely the best way to end a Thanksgiving meal.

4. Mashed potatoes

                                                                                                             Courtesy of General Mills

Another staple, mashed potatoes are a classic holiday food. It’s a great savory alternative to sweet potato, and best served with a pat of butter and lots of gravy.

3. Cranberry sauce

                                                                                                            Courtesy of Simply Recipes

Cranberry sauce is the official condiment for turkey. While some people might debate this fact, consider that when you go out to buy a regular turkey sandwich, they put cranberry sauce as spread, not gravy! The sweetness of the cranberry sauce contrasts well with turkey, just like caramel and cheese popcorn.

2. Sweet potato casserole

                                                                                                          Courtesy of Serious Seats

Sweet potatoes are great on their own, but what really brings this dish to the top of the list are the toasted marshmallows on top. Simply amazing.

1. Turkey

                                                                                                         Courtesy of Food Network

No surprises here! The most classic of Thanksgiving proteins, turkey is the best meat choice for the holiday. Although it takes a lot of preparation with brining, stuffing, and cooking, it’s definitely worth it. Plus, you get leftovers for sandwiches, porridge… the opportunities are endless!