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The Best (and Worst) April Fool’s Jokes

April Fool’s Day was fun in first grade (think whoopee cushions and prank calls), but pranks are for big people, too! Being in college doesn’t mean that you have to give up the holiday fun. In fact, it’s time to step up your game! After all, there’s no better way to procrastinate a project than by messing with your loved ones.

Disclaimer: We aren’t responsible for the outcomes of these pranks. If your roommate is a little crazy or you and your S/O are on the rocks, this probably isn’t the time. Use discretion, people.

The switch

Know your friends’ laptop, phone, or social media passwords? Excellent. Now make it so that they don’t. If you’re feeling extra daring, you can change the language setting as well – just make sure that you know how to switch it back!

Faux Text

Going off the theme of passwords, you should use your special access to your friend’s device to change your name in her phone. But not just to any old stranger’s name – to the name of her secret, unattainable crush! Proceed to text yourself a declaration of love.

Just don’t let her text him and say her phone was hacked or something, because then the secret might really get out.

Note: She must have said crush’s number saved elsewhere in her phone for this to work.

The Blue Screen

Got a techie in your life that you really want to freak out, or just a friend with a midterm paper due tomorrow? Download the blue screen of death screensaver on his or her laptop! Just make sure that a) the file doesn’t actually contain a virus, and b) you tell said friend “April Fool’s!” before they start crying and rush off to Club Snell to start that paper over…

On a side note, you can also download and print fake parking tickets.

The Placebo Effect

For those of us that don’t want to risk ruining our relationships/getting fired from our co-ops/having to find a new place to live, it can be fun to warn people of their impending doom – without actually delivering. Just leave a few vague sticky notes lying around and watch the paranoia set in

BONUS: Worst Prank Ideas (DO NOT TRY)

Plastic Wrapping the Toilet Seat in Your Apartment

I wonder who will have to clean it up?

Convincing the entire class not to show up to lecture
Time to put that email function on Blackboard to good use. 

Changing the time on your roommate’s alarm clock
It’s all fun and games until someone misses a job interview.

Jell-O mold + office supplies
A stunt from The Office that probably wouldn’t translate well in real life.

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