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The Beanpot: An Emotional Rollercoaster

For those who aren’t aware, the Beanpot is a historic hockey tournament played between the Boston(ish) schools. Boston College, Boston University, Harvard and our wonderful Northeastern have been participating in this collegiate event since the 1952-53 season. In the past 4 years, Northeastern has made it to the finals only to come short at the end of the game. As a sophomore, I witnessed as our wonderful huskies lose in the last couple minutes last year against Boston College. This year, I have chosen to reflect on this past championship game through my emotional roller coaster.


My friends and I arrive a little early for the game, in order to get some great seats and I can barely contain myself. I grew up watching this tournament and now I get to support my school in yet another championship game.


While BU fans take up a measly 3 sections of the TD Balcony, our fanbase decided to relocate from the Doghouse at Matthews to make our new home in the TD Garden.

Excitement, which quickly turns to despair

The game has started, but within the first couple minutes of the game, BU has managed to put one past our goaltender, Clay Witt.


Within a minute of BU scoring a goal, Northeastern forward, John Stevens, puts one in the back of the net to tie up the game. With such a quick response, it looked like Northeastern was going to have so momentum to take the lead.

Sad but hopeful

During the rest of the first and second period, BU managed to get a two-goal lead on us, however, a two-goal lead is by far the hardest lead to hold onto in hockey and for that reason I was still hopeful.


Almost 11 minutes into the third period, Northeastern cut BU’s lead in half! Huskies forward, Kevin Roy, puts in his 17th goal with a shot from the slot.


Within 95 seconds, Northeastern TIED IT UP! Huskies defenseman, Dustin Darou, is the hero of the team, not only for tying this game but also for the winning goal in the round before!


The third period has ended in a 3-3 tie which only means we are going to overtime. For all of you that don’t know me, I am not a very patient person and now the championship and our pride is on the line. The intermission could not end quick enough.


51 seconds into the first overtime, BU’s captain ends the game. Huskies fans everywhere are devastated that yet another championship has been so close yet so far.

Depression and Envy and (respect)

I tried to leave the rink as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t have to watch our rivals hoist the trophy that was one goal away from being in Husky hands. But overall, the game was very well played and our team tried their best.

See you next year BU!

Hi. I am a sophmore studying business with a dual concentration in marketing and management, as well as a minor in sustainable business. Outside of school I have a passion for sports, especially football (Patriots) and hockey (Bruins). I also love to bake, snuggle with my puppy, read and hang out with my friends.
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