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Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 Got Me Like..



Recently, after running out of shows to watch, I decided to delve into the widely popular television series, ‘Bachelor In Paradise’, related to ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’. Having no understanding of what goes down in these episodes, Season 3 left me with one major thought: ‘what… the… f#%@!’  

Let’s just break it down by the supposed couples and people who deserve the spotlight because I have something to say about what went down in this show.


Jared and Caila


Jared, Jared, Jared… How on earth did you get stuck with an ex like Ashley? Jared and Caila were by far my favorite couple; they looked so cute together and the way they interacted with each other was adorable. It sucks that Ashley had to come into the show and create tension between the two of them and form some kind of weird messed up love triangle, but what’s reality tv without drama? I was so happy the two of them left together, leaving behind the drama in hopes of starting a new life, but HOLD UP NOOOO the show HAD to tell me that it didn’t work out. Damn it!





Emily and Haley


Can we just admit that these two should have known coming in that they weren’t going to end up with anyone? I mean for starters, they never a gave any guy a chance because they were practically inseparable. And can someone please agree with me on the fact that they were pretty much the most irrelevant characters on the show.




Amanda and Josh


OH MY GOSH THIS COUPLE. The times when they did come up for air, the amount of cheesiness, especially from Josh’s side, was unreal. Sometimes I don’t know who he loved more, Amanda or that pizza. I don’t know Josh and Nick’s backstory, but there sure was a lot of drama between the two of them over Amanda. Amanda was just a simple girl looking for her dream man and a father for her two daughters and that is what made everyone’s heart melt as they watched the smiling faces and genuine happiness oozing from that new family. Even though there were bumps along the road (that were caused by others), the happy couple knew what was best for them. Okay, yeah sure, maybe if you’ve never experienced their kind of love, the constant make-out seshs might make you vomit, but theirs is a love that you simply admire. I love the fact that this new relationship made up for his past trouble and they now have their ‘perfect family’.




Izzy and Vinny


Don’t even get me started, I swear I will start crying. This is ALL Izzy’s fault. (Vizzy, you will be forever remembered.)


Evan and Carly


Here’s how it goes: They go on a date, they have the world’s grossest kiss (while attempting to break a world record). She throws up after the kiss. She friendzones him. He fakes his death to get her attention. She sympathizes with him. They fall in love. They get engaged.

This wasn’t 0 to a 100 real quick, this was 0 to a 100 and back to 0 and then back to 100. Carly finally realizes she’s in love with this weirdo, and his quirkiness was somewhat amusing and ‘different’ to her past boyfriends. I, for one, did throw up a little after seeing them make out, but love, I suppose, is what it is. Their love, for sure, was the most entertaining, making them one of my favorite couples!


Grant and Lace


The only solid couple in this entire season, pretty much from day one. I mean they freaking got tattoos of their ship name ‘Grace’ and didn’t have feelings for anyone else. Towards the end, I warn you, it gets sad because Grant decides to act like a complete douche after their magical night in the fantasy suite to ‘rethink his decision’. This was a clear shot to the heart to both Lace and all of us ‘Grace’ fans out there. The show did mess with us towards the end, teasing the potential of a breakup between one of the final four couples, ‘Grace’ included. You had no idea the overwhelming happiness that went through me when Grant got down on one knee and proposed. One of my favorite couples for sure, how could you not like them? They were ‘Grace’!






The literal definition of a ticking time bomb. I don’t know how much water she drinks but from the fact that she ends up crying every five minutes, she must have a lot of water in her body. Honestly, I hated her. I really did. She intentionally went out of her way in an attempt to sabotage Jared and Caila’s relationship just so she could have Jared to herself because she’s a low-key psycho and is probably still unable to get over him. It was obvious the director of the show wanted dRaMa but damn was Ashley annoying and better off FAAAAR away from the show and FAAAAR away from Jared.




Nick once again left paradise all by himself. Not only has he been hurt himself but he also hurt others on the way. This guy made it all the way to the end, presumably looking at engagement rings and feeling content in this new, given quite short, relationship only to lead the poor girl on with high expectations and crush her heart. It was obvious he was restrictive towards her, but to lead her on then leave her heartbroken kind of irked me and enhanced my anger towards Nick. My emotions were a rollercoaster with this boy. From genuine interest to sympathy to excitement to final disappointment.



What even was with this guy. Was I the only one weirded out by this creep? His level of excitement of the fact that Ashley was a supposed ‘virgin’ made me think this guy needs to leave. Nobody likes you; go back to Canada. He really bugged me the entire season and was pretty much pointless because he couldn’t even get either of the twins, THE TWINS, to fall for him.





I know I said every couple was my favorite couple, but I’m sorry they are all just relationship GOALS. Except Izzy and poor Vinny :-( VINNY YOU DESERVE BETTER.


For my first time watching ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, I was quite entertained by the overall drama and relationship developments throughout the season. I mean I did binge watch the entire season in three days…


Almost Paradise.



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