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‘The Bachelor’ Finale Was a Rom-Com And I Loved It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

Chris Harrison seems to have a habit of labeling every Bachelor franchise finale as “the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history.” It was no different for Colton’s finale, which surprisingly turned out to actually live up to the title.

It was over-the-top, dramatic and cheesy, and I loved every minute of it. It was truly the stuff of romantic comedies.

Here’s the rundown on the Bachelor finale last week:

First, Colton decided that Cassie was the one for him.

Unfortunately for him, she still wasn’t sure. Cassie’s dad had just come to visit her in Portugal to give some parental guidance. She decided that she didn’t want to rush into the relationship and that it wasn’t fair to stay when she couldn’t give Colton her all.

She told him this and Colton went, for lack of a better word, nuts.

He jumped over an eight foot wall and disappeared into the Portuguese countryside, effectively breaking the Internet through memes.

He was chased down by producers who convinced him to come back. From there, Colton decided that he was done with being the Bachelor and broke up with Taysha and Hannah G.

In a typical rom-com move, Colton then flew all the way to California to see Cassie again. She was surprised to see him, and they had a long talk. He told her that she was the only one for him and that he was fine with not getting engaged — he just loves her and wants to be with her.

Good new for Colton: Cassie agreed to his relationship terms! She also agreed to come to Spain with him to meet his family.

She met his family and they had a *fantasy suite* night. Colton said that he doesn’t kiss and tell, but all signs point to his virginity being gone.

And…Colton and Cassie live happily ever after! Oh, and Hannah B. is the next Bachelorette.

Deanna Schwartz

Northeastern '22

Deanna is a first-year journalism major at Northeastern University from Maryland. She spent her first semester studying abroad in Italy and travelling around Europe. She loves books, feminism, musical theatre, the color pink, dogs, and travelling.