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Ask an Orientation Leader

As an Orientation Leader, I spent the summer answering questions about every aspect of Northeastern life: like what to bring to the dorms, what classes to take, and what the party scene is like. But most new students experience information overload or forget what they learned in the months between Orientation and Welcome Week. But don’t worry! Here are some questions you might wish you’d asked or just don’t remember:
Can I buy my textbooks after classes start?
Yes, and it’s probably a better idea to wait in case you don’t like the class. Then you won’t be stuck with a $200 textbook for a class you ended up dropping.
Now that we’re moved in, what if I think that I’m going to hate my roommate?
Students must stay with their roommates for the first two weeks of school, just to make sure that it’s not first week jitters that are causing the problems. After that, if students still want to switch, they can talk to their Residence Directors. If there is a safety issue, students will be moved immediately. However, most roommates are encouraged to stick together and learn to appreciate their differences.
Are there any places to use meal swipes on campus besides the three main dining halls?
Yes! The West End in Curry Student Center and Rebecca’s Café in Churchill Hall both accept meal swipes. Plus, there are plenty of places to get food with dining dollars on or off campus. Chicken Lou’s, Temptations, Whole Foods, and most of the restaurants on Huntington Ave. take Husky Dollars.
How do I get a job on campus?
You can apply through the myNEU portal, and there are tons of job listings, for students with or without work study. There are also internships for students that want to get a head start before applying for co-op jobs.
After classes started, I realized I want to change majors. What should I do?
You can talk to your advisor at any time about switching majors or adding a duel major or minor. They’re here to help you figure out what to do! Also, if you want to switch out of the Science Department because you fear Organic Chem, there are plenty of resources such as student tutors or professors’ office hours that are designed to help struggling students.

What clubs should I join?
There are hundreds of clubs and organizations on campus, and if there’s not one that suits your needs, you can make one. Joining clubs (like Her Campus Northeastern) is a great way to meet people in your first year at college!
Feel better yet? Well, you will. Remember to relax and enjoy the semester! If you have any questions about something that wasn’t covered, feel free to ask in the comments below!

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