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Ashley Graham’s ‘Get With The Times’ Recap

Last night, our chapter hosted a screening of The New York Times’ latest conversational series “Get With The Times” featuring supermodel and entrepreneur Ashley Graham and NYT Fashion and Style editor Joanna Nikas. Following a number of questions from Nikas, Graham answered questions from five students from the New School, where the event was hosted, and five video-submitted questions.

“Did you guys know that lipstick doesn’t have a size?” she said, referencing her recent contract with Revlon.

Graham discussed a range of topics, from her role in the fashion industry to becoming the “first curvy girl of [our] generation to have a beauty contract.”

Her commitment to diversity is evident throughout the conversation. When asked about women of color and their role in the body positivity movement, she urged everyone to support their platforms because “there needs to be more representation.” While some see it as controversial, she isn’t afraid to discuss white privilege.

“Beauty is personal, it’s diverse, it’s inclusive,” she said.

She gave even gave the scoop on the ways she practices self-care, including working out and meditating.

Ashley’s positive demeanor shone throughout the conversation as she encouraged viewers to embrace their bodies and start conversations around the change they want to see. Of our attendees, some were familiar with Graham’s work while others just knew the basics. Still, everyone left feeling inspired.

Bonus: The NYT gave us free merch including pins, t-shirts, and hats to give away to our members!

To see the full “Get With The Times” Ashley Graham edition, click here.


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