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Artists On The Rise: November 2018

It’s important to keep on top of all the new artists who are creating new music. Here are two profiles of artists you should definitely keep your eye on this month!

King Princess

Mikaela Straus who? At only 19, King Princess is an icon to the younger generation and within the LGBTQ community. This New York native is the true definition of a music prodigy: a singer, songwriter and producer, she can also play multiple instruments. Her talent has not gone unnoticed; she was offered a record deal at just age 11. Having turned down the offer, Straus spent the upcoming years honing in on her skills. In June 2018, she released her debut EP, “Make My Bed”, consisting of five songs. This masterpiece received recognition from a number of artists, including Harry Styles.

“Make My Bed” is an album packed with juicy goodness, from the upbeat chords, to the tenderness of the lyrics as she sings about forbidden love and the stages of adolescence. With Straus’s voice sweet like honey, her album will leave you feeling nostalgic and enlightened. And she isn’t afraid to bring us back to the 1950’s, a double meaning embedded in her song on the LGBTQ movement. King Princess isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon, however, as she released a new song, “P*ssy Is God,” on Nov. 2, 2018. It’s unapologetic and raw, and a take on queer love through religion. Be sure to catch her on her upcoming tour in Boston on Jan. 25, 2019!

Girl In Red


Marie Ulven is the protagonist behind Girl In Red. An idol among teen girls, Ulven does a hell of a job capturing the modern-day pop culture through her music and Tumblr-worthy album covers. At only 19, she was crowned as the new indie pop princess we will all soon learn to love and stan in today’s genre, “bedroom pop.” Like many influential artists before her, Ulven produced her songs in her bedroom. Hailing from a similar background to artists such as Clairo and Dodie, Girl In Red is receiving a lot of positive recognition for her work from fans and other artists.

With over 54,000 monthly listeners and 47,000 followers on Spotify, Ulven decided it was time to release her first EP, “Chapter 1.” This five-track compilation features past singles that best represent her earlier work as an artist. “Chapter 1″ is an open book on Ulven’s life, addressing taboo topics such as depression and sexual orientation. Her collection of songs embodies a wide range of themes including coming of age, with hints of teenage spirit and young love. This is an album so catchy that it makes you want to dance along with your best friends.

Victoria Tan

Northeastern '19

Hello! My name is Victoria Tan and I recently graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. During my time there, I double majored in marketing and finance. You would most likely find me wandering through the halls of a musuem, or exploring different neighborhoods. P.S. I am always on the hunt for the best ice cream spots, so let me know if you need recommendations, or have any suggestions!
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