All the College Fashion Trends in Boston

School is in session and the summer days are slowly drifting into fall. As the fall semester begins, a lot of college students in Boston are sporting the same swag. Check out the fashion favorites for this semester:

Fjällräven Kånken

It seems like an outlandish number of girls and guys alike own these stylish Swedish backpacks. They’re small, cute and handy with a distinct red logo. “They have a lot of space for your things without looking bulky,” said first-year student Katya.

Canvas Totes

Coming from a suburban area rather than a big city, I had never seen so many people walking around sporting canvas totes before moving here. From the prestigious New Yorker bag to little totes from favorite local coffee shops, so many city-goers carry around these casual reusable bags as opposed to conventional purses. They use them to hold their everyday items and even their groceries – this is both cute and environmentally-friendly.


It’s surprising to see so many girls on campus wearing Birkenstocks, especially in a city that requires so much walking. “I really like Birkenstocks because they’re very comfortable and they go with a lot of outfits,” expressed Erin, another first-year. She often pairs hers with cuffed jeans.

Business Casual

Dress for the job you wish you had, right? Business casual has definitely become a fad among pre-professional young adults. Campuses are filled with students wearing fun, textured blazers and flowy striped pants. These outfits can go straight from the classroom into a co-op interview.

Boots, Boots, Boots!

Boots have been a classic here in Boston since women’s groups protested for their rights in their Doc Martens. From combat boots to high heeled booties, every type of boot is versatile, yet makes such a statement. They can easily be paired with a sweater and skirt for a cute preppy look, or ripped jeans and a band tee for an edgier vibe. These boots sure were made for walking.

Thrift Finds

With the ridiculously high cost of living, it’s no wonder that thrift shopping is so popular, not to mention the fact that “vintage” looks have taken our generation by storm. There are so many places to buy a distressed denim jacket, an authentic ‘80s windbreaker or other cute finds without breaking the bank.