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9 Lessons Learned From Disney Channel Original Movies

If you grew up in the 90s and claim to not have watched these movies religiously, you’re either lying or an exchange student. In any case, these movies were truly epic and will remain forever so in the hearts of 90s kids everywhere. Below are some of the invaluable lessons these movies taught us.
1. The Thirteenth Year
Lesson learned: If you’re adopted, your birth-mom is probably a mermaid who will come looking for you on your thirteenth birthday.

2. Smart House

Lesson learned: Only buy smart homes with newspaper chutes so that if your home goes rogue and holds your family hostage, you can still get outside help.

3. Johnny Tsunami


Lesson learned: Vermont = Rich ski snobs.

4. Alley Cats Strike

Lesson learned: Interschool bowling rivalries are actually a thing. Who knew?

5. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Lesson learned: If you live in space in the year 2049 and you think someone is trying to sabotage your station, go with your instincts.

6. Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire

Lesson learned: Single moms should never date guys named Dimitri.

7. Halloweentown

Lesson learned: Being normal is vastly overrated.

8. Double Teamed
Lesson learned: Girls can do whatever boys can do. But actually.
9. Brink

Lesson learned: If your friends hate you, get a dog grooming shop to sponsor your in-line skating team. Pup ‘N Suds, anyone?



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