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8 Things to Do This Winter Season

It’s 24 degrees outside, and all you want to do is burrow into a million blankets, make some hot cocoa, and sleep for an eternity. Away from home in one of the best cities for college students, we should be having crazy adventures like no other college student.  As daunting as it may seem to take off the blankets, put on clothes, and head outside, there is a multitude of wonderful places to explore out in Boston. Let’s put on our winter jackets, and get out there!

The Rink at 401 Park

With just a six-dollar admission fee, you can ice skate for hours and invite some of your closest friends for a day that that none of you will forget. Whether you’re a beginner or an ice skating “pro”, ice skating is always enjoyable for everyone. In fact, once over, you and your friends can even go get food at one of the nearby notable restaurants.

Faneuil Hall

If you’re looking for a place to eat a whole week’s worth of food in one night, this is your place. Faneuil Hall is filled with just about whatever one could possibly desire: Italian, Mexican, American, Asian, local clam chowder, and more! Faneuil Hall is perfect for people looking for a delicious bite for a reasonable price. As two college students, we know the struggle, but at Faneuil Hall, we can eat a whole meal…and dessert for under six dollars! Yum! 

Pavement Coffeehouse

For the college student who is stuck studying but still wants to get out of their room, Pavement Coffeehouse is the perfect place to go. With Wifi, delicious coffee, and the best bagels to exist, this place is a college girl’s sanctuary. Whether you live on campus or off, there are plenty of Pavement Coffeehouse’s all over Boston to traverse through.

Book Switch

If you find yourself wanting a new book, take a friend with you to your nearest bookstore, pick out a book for them, and they can do the same for you! This is where you might find the best book you will ever read, especially if your friend knows you really well. A book switch is completely unpredictable and may even encourage you to expand your current tastes or preferences for books. A few bookstores near campus include Barnes N Noble, Trident Bookstore, and The Brattle Book Stop. 

Chocolate Tour (Taza Chocolate)
Chocolate Chips
Christin Urso / Spoon

Does organic Mexican-style dark chocolate make your mouth water? Do you crave cozy blankets and chocolate? If this sounds appealing to you, Taza Chocolate is the perfect spot. You get $6 tours with free samples to enjoy during these 45 minutes. To add a cherry on top, $1 of your admission is donated to the Museum of Science to support educational outreach to areas of Boston. What’s better than that?!

Salsa Lessons (Havana Club, 288 Green St., Cambridge)

This is for all of the readers that are 21+ looking to do something on your Friday and Saturday nights. The $12 entry gets you a dance lesson and a party after! The dress code ranges from casual to elegant (depending on the dancing event). Partners are not required, so this is a great opportunity for singles looking to meet new people or just have some fun.

Hot Chocolate Spots (L.A. Burdick and Max Brenner)

Who doesn’t want warm, soothing hot chocolate to make them feel better in this icy weather? Pick one of the two New England spots above, L.A. Burdick and Max Brenner and you’ll be guaranteed a variety of gourmet chocolate with local blends as well. They have artisan teas special and yummy pastries to complement the drinks!

Roller Skating (Roller World in Saugus)

Are you secretly a 70’s person on the inside and want to wear cute outfits and roller skate like they used to in the good old days? Roller World in Saugus is an amazing place to go, for only $8.50 per person ($7.50 before 6pm!). You even get a Discount Day on Wednesdays where, from 3-8 pm, the price is just $5—a steal!



That’s all we have for you on this list of things to do when it’s too cold to be doing too much. We hope you’re having fun wearing cute long coats, gloves, scarves and other winter fashion!

Don’t worry though, summer is near and we’ll be back with another list for you <3

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