7 Underrated Animal Accounts on Instagram You Should Follow ASAP

I think we can all agree that animals are some of the best things in the world and are often much nicer to be around than humans. Seeing a cute puppy or a fluffy alpaca can easily cheer you up after a long, hard day. Here are seven accounts with cute animals to follow for when you need that virtual dose of comfort. 

  1. 4. ingrown.hares

    For those of you like looking at fluffy bunnies (who doesn't?), this is the perfect account. Mr. Charles & Pretty Poppy are two very cute rabbits who love going on amazing adventures! Is it possible to be envious of a bunny?

  2. 6. finns.finnstagram

    You may think that cows don't rate as highly on the cuteness list as say dogs or alpacas, but this account will beg to differ. I bet you'll change your mind when you see Finn attending a birthday party...

  3. 7. teddytheshetland

    While no where as near underrated as the other accounts on this list, @teddytheshetland is still worth keeping in mind because of how cute shetland ponies are. You just can't deny how happy you'll be watching his adventures — plus the captions are just a great way to cheer yourself up in the morning.