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7 Reasons Why Having a Roommate is Awesome

College is a great time of your life, depending on what you make of it. Freshman year was exciting but meeting your roommate for the first time was a nerve-racking experience. What if you don’t get along with your roommate, what if they are messy? In college, you make friends that last a lifetime, and sometimes that happens to be the person you roomed with during freshman year. Here’s a list of reasons why having a roommate is awesome:

1. Shopping Buddies

Going to Target is always a good idea, but having your roommate come along is twice the fun. Grocery shopping is an adventure on its own, because somehow you convince each other that snacks are a primary food group. So, your cart ends up being 90 percent snacks, and only 10 percent of the grocery haul is actually editable and healthy. Shopping with your roommate is great, because you hype each other with compliments, but will be completely honest with each other if one you looks like a potato. Everyone loves potatoes, but your roommate is just looking out for your best interest.

2. Movie Nights with your Roommate

Sometimes you just want a low-key night, and a movie night with your roommate is just what you need. Who cares about homework anyways? It’s definitely more fun than dealing with the boy you have been texting. Don’t forget the wine and remember not to burn the popcorn!

3. Late Night Chats

Sometimes you can’t sleep because stress is keeping you up. The best remedy is to rant to your roommate. It’s like having the sister you never had, someone that you can share all your secrets with. It might be three in the morning, but your roommate is willing to go outside with you for a walk. They take the time to listen to you ramble about how your life is falling apart without judgment. Your roommate will patiently listen to you talk about your boy problems, even though they heard you mention it a million times before.  

4. Someone to go on Spontaneous Adventures With

Sometimes you’re sick of school and you just want to do something fun. Your roommate is willing to go hiking with you at nine in the morning even if they are still hung-over from last night. Or you might be having a bad day, and they plan a trip to the beach to make you feel better. Whenever you want to do something fun, or go on an adventure, they are always down!

5. Leaving you Notes with Inspirational Messages

Imagine waking up to a nice note left by your roommate reminding you to have a nice day. College can be tough, but having an awesome roommate can make it less stressful. They are always looking out for you by waking you up for your exam or remembering to bring you food after a long day of classes because they know you haven’t eaten yet. It’s the little gestures that count!

6. Being your Biggest Supporter

Your roommate is your biggest supporter! They are always there to support you through thick and thin. They believe that you can be the best you, even if you can’t see it sometimes.

7. Visiting you Over Break

Sometimes you just miss each over so much that they surprise you by coming to visit you over summer break. Having a roommate who is also your best friend is one of the greatest things in the world.


Victoria Tan

Northeastern '19

Hello! My name is Victoria Tan and I recently graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. During my time there, I double majored in marketing and finance. You would most likely find me wandering through the halls of a musuem, or exploring different neighborhoods. P.S. I am always on the hunt for the best ice cream spots, so let me know if you need recommendations, or have any suggestions!
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