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The 7 Deadly Late Night Venues at NU

After a night out at the Boylston bars with friends, there’s nothing you want more than to get your hands on something greasy, fried or topped with melted cheese—and most definitely unhealthy.

We’ve all been there: you’re stepping out of Our House, and immediately your friend says, “Let’s get BHOP.” After several vodka cranberry drinks, how can a girl resist?

For your late-night cravings, we’ve put together a list of the 7 places you go when you get that “gotta have that” feeling. Maybe you shouldn’t, and maybe you’ll regret it in the morning. But right now, it tastes so good.

Il Mondo
682 Huntington Avenue

Il Mondo in Mission Hill gives Penguin Pizza a run for their money—and they don’t even serve beer. After singing your heart out in karaoke at Flan’s, or dancing in the corner with your friends at The Mission, it’s almost impossible to resist the aroma wafting from this tiny venue of deliciousness. Whether it’s buffalo chicken, pesto or pepperoni pizza you crave, Il Mondo gives you the perfect amount of cheesey goodness. Nom, nom, NOM.

Sunrise Chinese Food
1033 Tremont Street
Sunrise is literally a hole-in-the-wall on Tremont Street—but the food that emerges from it is greasy, in large portions and so good. Especially the crab rangoons. And the egg rolls. We LOVE the egg rolls. Though the food is crave-worthy, the actual location of Sunrise is a bit sketchy… so we suggest takeout.

Boston House of Pizza (BHOP)
305 Huntington Avenue

The pizza here isn’t great. Actually, it may not even be good. We’re not sure, because no one actually eats there before midnight with a clear mind and sober intentions. However, it’s on the way home, it’s cheap, and you can certainly expect to run into your freshman year roommate that you haven’t talked to in years. PERFECT.

New York Pizza
435 Massachusetts Avenue
It’s not as conveniently located as BHOP, but the quality is noticeably better, before and after that pitcher you share with your friends at Conor’s. Whether it’s pizza you’re craving, subs, calzones or cheese fries, New York Pizza has it all. Plus, after renovation last year, it looks classy. Keyword is looks.

Cappy’s Pizza & Subs
82 Westland Avenue
Although it’s closed right now, Cappy’s was a destination worth traveling to Westland for—and we hope they’re planning to reopen SOON. The quality is somewhere in between BHOP and New York Pizza (not great, but decent), and it’s conveniently located on the way home from Boylston and Fenway bars. In the meantime, you can always try Cappy’s II on Huntington…if BHOP is closed.

University House of Pizza
452 Huntington Avenue

Pizza may be in the name, but that’s not all they offer. Did you know you can order fried dough from there? Yes, fried dough. It’s like a carnival and the Jersey Shore boardwalk all rolled into one. PLUS, there’s the convenient window you can order from in Punter’s—so whether you need some food to go with your glass of Shocktop, or you just enjoy watching people peak their heads through demanding something to go with their PBR from your spot in line, UHOP is the place to be.

33 Union Street

Open until 2a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, Saus is the perfect place to stop after a night out at the Fanueil Hall bars—why not snack while you wait for the cab lines to die down? A “Boston’s Best” award-winner for 2011 from Bostonian Magazine, this Belgian “street food café” prepares fresh house frites (fries) and homemade waffle dough daily. Did someone really just say waffle dough?!

Though you may not want to admit it, you’ve been to at least two of these places before—in between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m. And we can’t blame you. So try them all out! We’ll see you there…probably this weekend.

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