6 Reasons Why Your Professor Might Not Like You

Have you started to get the feeling that your professor doesn’t like you? Have you started to notice that when you say “Good morning” to them, they frowningly look away? Or when you get up to turn in your test and they reluctantly take it from your hands? Here are some of the ways you may have gotten on your professor’s bad side:

1. You constantly come to class late

Are you that student that loudly barges through the door, 20 minutes into the class, going “Sorry, I’m late. The line at Starbucks took forever," as you walk in? Being a little late to class once in a while is fine, but it can get annoying the more times it happens. Arriving when your professor is deep into the lecture can be distracting, especially if you decide to walk right in front of them and then proceed to say “excuse me” to everyone just to get to that empty seat. Try getting up 5-10 minutes earlier next time.

2. You’re on your phone for the whole class time

I know it’s not high school and you can use your phone whenever you want, but using it for the entire class period can be obnoxious. If you weren’t going to pay attention to the lecture, you might as well have stayed home. When your professors see that you were using your phone for the whole time, they may start to think poorly of you. I think the Twitter rant can wait – just put your phone away for a bit and act like you are paying attention (or better yet upgrade to your laptop and look like you’re taking notes).

3. You fall asleep on the desk

Similar to using your phone, your professors will not be impressed if you are begin snoring away right in front of them. If you pulled an all-nighter and know that this class doesn’t have any tests or quizzes that day, just say home and get in a few extra zzz’s. Missing one class is not going to be the end of your life (just get the notes from someone in class). If you do decide to go, get yourself some coffee and try to keep your head up for most of the class period.

4. You never turn in any assignments

Professors tell you that they don’t care whether your grades are bad since you are the one dishing out loads of money to pay for your education. However, contrary to this, professors can still form judgments on you based on your track record. They may think that you are lazy or even a fool for being in college if you aren't making the most of it. If you are paying your tuition, you might as well just do the assignments and get decent grades in your classes.

5. You consistently ask for an extended deadline or extra credit

This one may be okay if your professor is awesome and truly understands that students may have bad days once in a while. However, if you are the student that emails them a minute before the assignment is due asking for an extended deadline or on the day before grades are posted asking for extra credit, shame on you. They will not give it to you and you will be lucky to even get a response from them (because the reality is, they are probably just going to write on their social media, “Guess what one of my students tried doing today…”). Just do your work.

6. You get A's on all your assignments but F’s on all the exams

It’s great that you’re turning in assignments, but it’s not great if your perfect assignment grades don’t reflect on the tests. Professors may get suspicious if you miraculously get solid 100’s on all assignments and then suddenly have one question answered correctly on the exam (and your name is spelled wrong as well – just me...okay). Maybe try to study a little bit before the exam.