5 Trends That Should Die In 2019

What a rollercoaster 2018 has been. We’ve debated whether it’s “Yanny” or “Laurel,” we commented “Thank You, Next” on everyone’s posts, and we cringed at our President’s latest tweets. We’ve suffered through trend after trend all year, but here are five trends that definitely need to die in 2019.

1. Fortnite

We get it, you’re the #1 victory royale. We don’t need ANOTHER Snapchat story proving it.



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2. Tik Tok

Ah, the home of pedophilia. I don’t need to see shirtless seven-year-olds grinding on the floor, thanks.   


I don’t know how people whispering and chewing into a microphone became a trend, but I’m starting to question my generation’s taste in entertainment.

4. Facetune

Okay, erase that little pimple, smooth out those bags under your eyes, but you can’t just change your entire race and shape of your body to become a brand new person. It’s 2019, time for some self-confidence.



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5. Negativity Online

I don’t think we’ve had one month this year that wasn’t full of drama. Celebrities are either being “canceled,” being pit against each other, or being hated on for no reason. Why does our generation insist on leaving hate comments on everything they see?

Let’s spread some positivity in 2019. Try calling someone beautiful for a change.