5 Things You Should Think About During Your Senior Year

Senior year is an important time in your life; it is the last year before you go out in the world as a real adult with a job, an apartment, etc. We at Her Campus want to help you make the most out of this time. Here are five questions you should be thinking about this semester to help you prepare for what comes next:

1. Are there any courses you are interested in taking before you graduate?

Is there one course that you have always wanted to take, but feel you didn't have the time? Take it now! Branch out and expand your interests while you still have the time and opportunity to do so. 

2. What places are you interested in exploring around the city?

Are there any places that you’ve wanted to visit for a couple of years but you haven’t gotten the chance to? Take advantage of your location and visit them now! Who knows where you'll be in a year and you don't want to always regret not going to the top of the Pru or never visiting any of the Harbor Islands. 

3. Are you considering grad school?

Whether you are or aren’t, it couldn’t hurt to do a little bit of research into what graduate degrees are available in your field of study and whether your intended career requires some form of higher education. 

4. Is there anything on your college bucket list that you want to do before you graduate?

The older you get, the less chance you'll be able to complete some of your bucket list activities. See what you can do now with all your friends as a celebration of your time together!

5. What job options are you interested in trying to pursue after you graduate? 

Start looking around for positions that interest you and are relevant to your field. Take advantage of the career fairs and other opportunities Northeastern has to network. Before you know it, it will be time to start applying for jobs that hopefully will lead to fulfilling careers!

These are just a few of the things you should be thinking about as you go into your senior year. Just remember not to stress to much and have some fun – you've made it!