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The 5 Stages of Getting Your First Tattoo

Tattoos. Some cringe at the thought of them, while others get excited. Well, when I got my first tattoo two weeks ago for my birthday, I experienced an assortment of emotions, including both of the above. Here are five emotional stages that are all too relatable for people getting their first tattoo.

  1. The uncontrollable excitement you get thinking about the permanent ink that will permanently be on your body. You pretty much are so giddy about getting one that you tell almost everyone (except for your parents).

2. When you have a slight “oh crap, what am I doing” moment when the tattoo machine starts.

3. The tattoos are a breeze faze: “That’s it? This isn’t so bad. I could sit here for ages. It just feels like someone’s poking me with a sharpie. Maybe this is why people get them all over their bodies, tattoos are painless!”

4. After a few minutes, when you realize that tattoos do in fact sting.

5. The exuberant joy that returns once the tattoo is finished. You could totally get another one if you wanted! A tattoo definitely makes you look more badass, right?


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