5 Restaurants in Boston to Dine at When Your Family Visits

1. La Voile



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Located on Newbury Street, the small French gem known as La Voile is waiting for you to dine at. With dim lighting, bubbly laughs and chatter as the background noise, and tables placed somewhat close together, the restaurant has created an intimate and warm ambiance. If the lively environment doesn’t catch your attention, the menu certainly will. Options range from a juicy beef tenderloin surrounded by veggies to seared fish marinated with the perfect twist of lemon,to a salad decorated with figs and tomatoes. I guarantee you’ll have a great night out. 

2. Sonsie



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Another great restaurant to visit is Sonsie on Newbury Street. This American cuisine restaurant offers great meals at all times of day — just ask one of your classmates! Chances are, most students have heard about Sonsie. It’s one of the first restaurants on Newbury Street, and some Northeastern University students work part-time there as well. Its elegantly decorated interior will draw you in, along with the mesmerizing scent seeping out from behind the kitchen doors. Whether you choose to go for the Faroe Island Salmon or one of their fresh pizzas from their fiery brick oven, your tastebuds will be savoring the moment.

3. Cafe Landwer



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Okay enough about dinner, let's talk brunch! This quaint little place has two locations: one on Beacon Street and one on Chestnut Hill Avenue. As it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is guaranteed to be something on the menu for everyone. Focusing on Medditeranean cuisine, Cafe Landwer serves dishes that bring something unique to the table. Whether it’s their freshly homemade acai bowl that balances the perfect amount of sweet and nutty flavors or the classic roasted cauliflower sitting in a generous amount of tahini, this place will keep you coming back until you’ve tried just about everything on the menu. Next time you’re in the mood to let your taste buds go on a slight adventure, get your steps in and walk over to the lovely Cafe Landwer. ​

4. Jonquils Cafe & Bakery



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If you really want to impress some family members, stop by this creative, new place for a sweet dessert and calming tea. What this bakery is most proud to sell is their sophisticated and geometrically designed desserts that will have you questioning if you should actually eat it, ruining the delicately crafted exterior. With fancy shapes and flavors like coffee beans and apples, you will be looking at the pastries for hours, wondering what delicious filling you will find inside. The cafe also serves sandwiches, salads, and freshly made croissants for those with less of a sweet tooth, as well as floral teas served in wine glasses. Definitely check this place out before your family heads out of town to leave them with some sweet memories.

5. Jugos Supremo

If you’re not in the mood for a traditional style meal and want something more on the adventurous side, try giving the famous juice shop Jugos Supremo a chance. With a location on Dartmouth Ave and another on Massachusetts Ave, it's easy to head on over and choose from their exotic menu of detox juices and fruity pitaya or acai bowls. Although this juice shop is more of a grab and go place with little seating, it’s sure worth a visit.