5 Must Make Recipes for your Super Bowl Party

To be honest, I don’t really care about the football part of the Super Bowl, I generally get bored about 5 minutes in and tune out or find something else to do in the process of watching. Anyway, if you are like me, there are still plenty of things to be excited about this upcoming Sunday besides the football game. For starters, The Puppy Bowl. Then of course, the infamous Super Bowl commercials. Let’s not forget the fact that two brothers are coaching the opposing teams (drama!), Beyonce as the halftime show, placing bets on who will win/lose/etc, and the food. Mostly the food and I guess my family knows because they keep sending me recipes for delicious Super Bowl foods (thanks Mom and Grammie). Below, I have compiled a list of some delicious foods to help you get through the game until Beyonce comes on- I hope you enjoy!

1. Mozzarella Sticks- Mozzarella sticks may or may not be on my top ten lists of foods. They are delicious, gooey, and very hard to mess up. This website provides a fast and easy way to make healthy mozzarella sticks, what more can you ask for? These look so good they will be probably be gone way before the Super Bowl even starts, I have bets on them making it to half-time of the Puppy Bowl.

2. Baked Buffalo Wings- I’m not sure you can even say you watched the Super Bowl if you did not consume some wings in the process. This recipe for wings can be made in the oven and only takes 10 minutes. Sounds pretty easy and yummy to me.

3. Veggie Platter- After you consume excessive amounts of mozzarella sticks and wings, it is important to eat some vegetables to pretend you are healthy and all that. This link provides directions on how to plan out your own veggie platter, or you can always just pick up a premade one at the grocery store, they basically all taste the same anyway.

4. Chili- Chili is an all around good dish that always reminds me of watching (or pretending to watch) football on Sundays and Monday nights. This recipe is pretty simple and you can always buy half the ingredients in cans, just throw everything together in a big pot and let it simmer while it makes your apartment smell scrumptious. This is also relatively inexpensive and easy to make for large groups.

5. Super Bowl Cupcakes- Lastly, you can rarely go wrong with cupcakes. These Super Bowl cupcakes are super cute and can be customized to your favorite football team by adding a logo or football on top with frosting (or you can add a figurine of Beyonce in the middle in tribute to her halftime show).


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