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Here in the U.S, most of us are still stuck at home doing work/classes. After the whirlwind of last year, it’s completely warranted to feel like you need to spice things up—but also don’t feel like putting the effort into getting into a blazer just for your Zoom meeting. 2021 is going to be the year of comfortable but bold fashion; all about mixing in beautiful statement pieces with easy casual comfort. Here are the trends you can keep a lookout for to keep you relaxed and stylish.

Bold Colors

An easy way to make a ‘BANG’ in your next online session is to add a little color. Be it using the two Pantone colors of the year—Ultimate Gray and Illuminating—, bringing in a more vibrant yet professional vibe, or even using pops of neon to show that you are a Bad B who’s the life of the meeting, colors are easy ways to bring in style and comfort. Try mixing the beautiful Pantone colors in a sweatshirt and loose flannel combination for your Wednesday class. Wear a neon hot pink top with a neon lime green headband to your Zoom movie night. Remember: colors can affect your mood throughout the day, so be sure to use that to your advantage!


Going for a quick grocery shopping session? Get dressed up for it! 

Because what other real chances do you have to actually need to be in public? A cool trend to add to your closet is patchworked items. From jeans to tote bags, patchwork adds an element of easy drip that you can pair with your plain comfort clothing. Try pairing a pair of patchwork jeans with a regular long-sleeve white top and top it with a winter coat; and there you have a cool look with minimal effort.

Trench Coats

We love a classic trench coat, and this year it’s going to be BIG. Adding muted calming tones of a trenchcoat to your closet will bring elegance to your overall fit. The best part? You can wear essentially whatever you want under it (or nothing at all!). Think about it: a charcoal gray turtleneck sweater with matching sweatpants, and, on top, a beautiful nude beige trench coat that flatters your skin tone. The next time your boss asks you for a surprise meeting in 10 minutes and you’re in your loungewear, try adding some variation with a trenchcoat, and don’t sweat not being seen as professional anymore! 

Overstated Rings

How do you show effort without putting effort? Jewelry. This year, big and bold jewelry is in style to make up for the lack of “body-ody-ody” shown on that Microsoft Teams screen. We’re moving to become more expressive nonverbally in our hands to get across the messages that we used to subtly convey by our bodies. Add a bit of gold with an undertone to complement your skin tone, or a beautiful crystal or birthstone on your hands to stay engaged and in fashion.

Knit Sets

We saw knitted sets slowly becoming popular in 2020, but in 2021 it’s going to be all the rave. What could possibly beat soft, comfortable knitted outfits that are easy to slip on AND still be professional and/or casual. If you woke up late for your Google Meets class and you need to present today, fret not my friends. Slip into the comfiest knit long sleeve mild crop top and your matching knit maxi skirt, and voila! C’est Magnifique!

There you have it! 5 easy and comfortable stylish trends predicted for 2021. I can’t wait to mix these trends together and still be warm and cozy. Which are your favorites?

Sumayya Al-Kindy

Northeastern '21

Hello there! I'm Sumayya, also known as Suki! I'm from this little Middle-Eastern place called Oman; I am half Omani and half Thai. I love meeting people from different cultural backgrounds than me because of my upbringing. In my free time, I love to spend too much money to see my favorite K-pop groups, making youtube videos, pretending to be an MUA, and writing down too many business ideas that are unbelievably unrealistic.
Sreya is a third-year combined computer science and business major. Prior to being Campus Correspondent/Editor in Chief from 2020-2021, she was an editor for Northeastern's chapter. Besides being part of Her Campus, she's also in HackBeanpot and Scout. She spends most of her free time watching cringy reality shows, scrolling through Twitter, and going to concerts.