5 Amazing Black Content Creators You NEED To Follow

As February—both the shortest month of the year and Black History Month—comes to a close, a common trend is for corporations to move past their support and amplifications of Black voices. But we, as consumers, have a lot of power in our fingertips. By continuing to support Black content, we also continue the fight against industry-related racism. Diversifying your following list across platforms and sharing your favorite BIPOC content creators is one way to combat systemic racism, so we'll make it a bit easier for you to do so — here are 5 Black creators of various content categories whom we absolutely love.

  1. 1. AnnetteDLL (TikTok)

    Annette is a content creator specializing in amazing digital art. She makes mind blowing videos using advanced editing methods that lift her content to the next level. And the best part? She teaches you these tools on Instagram (under the same handle)! Her content inspires her audience to think outside of the box and to push themselves beyond boundaries. We’re sure she has a bright future as a household name in digital video production and editing!

  2. 2. Challxn (TikTok)

    If you’re into all things fashion and comedy, Challan is the person to follow. Initially blowing up on TikTok with her comedy skits in 2019, she’s since then expanded her platform to include hair, makeup and clothing-centered content. And we're not the only ones who think she's amazing — just ask Rihanna, who invited Challan to a Fenty Beauty party. Be it giving reviews or building skits on songs with all the drama we need, Challan gives us everything.

  3. 3. iAmBrattyB (TikTok)

    Ariam also brings in the fashion, the makeup and the comedy, but she’s repping for the plus size people in the room. As a fellow plus size woman, it’s frustrating to often hear that drab boring clothing that hides our figures is the only way for us to feel comfortable. Ariam breaks that notion right on its head. She’s been frank about her journey with finding comfort with her body, which helps other plus-size-royalties in finding their confidence too. And we absolutely adore her!

  4. 4. AmandaBB (YouTube)

    There’s a lot going on in the world, but Amanda strives to cover it all. She runs a beauty entertainment channel on YouTube where she discusses new releases of makeup lines, music, movies, and TV shows (both new to her and/or everyone!). However, she doesn’t just limit herself to the entertainment media side of things — she also tackles important topics such as the mistreatment of black women and cancel culture. Her videos are straight to the point, and it is refreshing to hear her views on everything that truly takes the words right out of our mouths. Check out her latest video talking about the weird hatred society has towards teenage girls:

  5. 5. Tarek Ali (YouTube)

    Tarek calls himself an “activist in pursuit of everyone’s well being & growth,” and his content reflects exactly that. He talks about the things everyone thinks about and fears. There is immense pressure put on the younger generation nowadays, which takes a toll on our mental state and leads us to feel like failures when our lives haven't really begun yet. Sometimes, it helps just to know there are others who feel the same — whether they are working through it alongside us or showing us the ways they have coped and persisted. Tarek does just that. Find your comfort and your center with Tarek. 

There are many more Black content creators we love and will continue to share with you all. But let this be known, they are not in hiding — they are out in the open, creating amazing content and being trailblazers. But technology is a byproduct of humans, and we’ve seen how humans can divide and promote bias. Their voices might not be loud, so you’ll need to search, but it’s not hard. By following these innovators above, you’ll be exposed to other BIPOC creators, too. Remember, Black Lives Still Matter always—before, during, and after February.