11 Things That Do Not Change from High School to College as Told by Friends

No one ever said college was going to be easy. And frankly speaking, you might find yourself in situations that are completely reminiscent of high school. So here a few that are, no doubt, unchangeable as you go from high school to college.

  1. 1. When Your Professor Puts a Question on the Test That Was Not Discussed in Class or in the Reading

  2. 2. “I Would Start This Early If I Were You”

  3. 3. When You Show Up for a Class Just to Find Out the Professor Did Not Want to Show Up Either...And Didn’t

  4. 4. When the Professor Gives out Homework for the Weekend and You Know Well You Will Not Be Doing It Until 2 Am on Monday

  5. 5. Finals Week: Where Absolutely Everything and Anything Can Go Wrong

  6. 6. When Your Essays Interrupt Your Plans to Binge-Watch TV

  7. 7. When You Find out Your Minimal Efforts Were Not Enough to Get an A

  8. 8. When Your Professor Starts Assigning Way Too Much Work for You to Fit in Your Planner

  9. 9. When You Thought the Due Date Was November 10th, but Today Is November 10th

  10. 10. When You Were Daydreaming the Entire Time the Professor Was Speaking, and Now You Must “Work Individually on the Assignment”

  11. 11. When the Professor Asks You Where Your Essay That Was Assigned over Break Is