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10 Movies to Get You in the Halloween Mood

To me, October means two things – the birth month of my husband Drake and the month of scary movies. Watching scary movies with friends is probably the best bonding experience a friend group can have. People are screaming, laughing, and occasionally peeing a little (not speaking from experience). But if scary movies aren’t your thing, that’s okay! “Halloweentown” and “Twitches” have become some of my favorite Halloween movies and the only scary things in those is the cheesy acting and special effects, yet for some reason, I watch them every year. So without further ado, here is my list on the 10 best Halloween movies to watch this month.

10. Insidious

                                                                                                                       Courtesy of IMDB

Scare Level: Not too scary

Why You Should Watch It: “Insidious” is a great movie for anyone trying to get into the scary movie scene. It won’t have you scared enough to keep the lights on while you sleep, but you will catch yourself turning around hallway corners more slowly than before. I recommend watching this with a couple friends and definitely not in an old house.

9. Coraline

                                                                                                                             Courtesy of Fandango

Scare Level: Creepy, not scary

Why you should watch it: “Coraline” is a stunningly creepy movie. The animation style and visuals take you into this weird world of dark fantasy. I watched it when I was younger and I don’t remember being too scared, but if you are frightened of spiders, this may not be the best movie for you.

8. Twitches

                                                                                                                    Courtesy of Giphy

Scare Level: The Mowry sisters couldn’t be scary if they tried

Why you should watch it: Sisterhood and magical powers are the best ingredients for a great Disney movie. “Twitches” is no exception. This movie is so nostalgic to anyone who watched “Sister, Sister” growing up. Although a lot of the acting is super cheesy, something about the Mowry sisters keeps you watching because they are so damn good at being relatable, funny teens.

7. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

                                                                                                            Courtesy of Hollywood.com

Scare Level: I had nightmares of the Voldemort scene when I was seven

Why you should watch it: Witches and wizards always will be associated with Halloween, but Harry Potter in particular does a great job of referencing this time of year. The banquet hall is full of floating pumpkins and nearly-headless ghosts. But Harry Potter also fits into the winter holiday spirit as well. So this recommendation is for anyone who likes to play Christmas music before December. This movie is going to get you pumped for Halloween and Christmas all in an hour and a half.

6. The Visit

                                                                                                         Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Scare Level: Actually pretty scary

Why you should watch it: This movie is the perfect blend between funny and scary. The kids in this movie provide some welcome comic relief in the midst of a very creepy and weird plot line. I was thoroughly and genuinely scared after watching “The Visit”.  The ending will have you calling your grandparents to tell them you love them.

5. Halloweentown

                                                                                                                        Courtesy of Giphy

Scare Level: C’mon

Why you should watch it: This is a classic. The holy grail of Halloween movies. It would be an insult not to watch any of the “Halloweentown” movies during October. Obviously it’s not scary, but the nostalgia and teen drama of the story bring back repressed middle school memories that scare me to the core.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

                                                                                                               Courtesy of Movieweb.com

Scare Level: Not at all

Why you should watch it: Tim Burton is the father of all things weird and creepy so it’s fitting that one of his movies is on this list. Not to mention that this movie is completely beautiful and stunning. It’s definitely a movie that’ll leave you feeling crafty and itching to carve a pumpkin or two

3. The Conjuring

                                                                                                       Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly


Why you should watch it: Ok. This movie is incredibly scary. I saw it with my mom (she watches more scary movies than anyone I know) and she was SHOOK. Watch this with as many people you can gather in a room. Buy a nightlight. Pet a dog. Do anything and everything to distract yourself from thinking about the movie afterwards. Sleeping in the dark will be hard. Trust me.

2. Hocus Pocus

                                                                                                        Courtesy of Hello Giggles

Scare Level: If you are scared of this, I’m judging you

Why you should watch it: “Hocus Pocus” is the best Halloween family movie to-date. It has a little something for everyone: music, humor, magic, and cute characters. It has everything needed to make the perfect movie. Also, Bette Midler is amazing. End of discussion.

1. Scream

                                                                                                                   Courtesy of Giphy

Scare Level: Entertaining but not scary

Why you should watch it: The first movie of the “Scream” series is the best. It isn’t a children’s movie but it also isn’t a full blown scary movie. It’s the “The Breakfast Club” of scary movies. Most of the story takes place during a classic teenage Halloween house party. The movie has romance, sexual tension, dumb high school kids, a serial killer, and Monica from “Friends” (she plays a reporter). Oh, and Billy Loomis is super hot. What more could you want in a Halloween movie?

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