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10 Mood-Boosters to Add to Your Playlist

Whether you’re in self-quarantine, isolation, or just socially distancing yourself from others, it’s easy to feel lonely. Since one of my favorite past-times is making Spotify playlists, I’ve recently tasked myself with curating a playlist to get through this hard time. If you’re like me and need a little musical kick to get past these unexpected hardships, then check out these songs below!

Sunday Best – Surfaces

 I remember hearing this song on Spotify’s related radio playlists, and now it’s blown up on Tik Tok, but for good reason. After a quick listen, the upbeat rhythm and positive lyrics are hard to leave you melancholic.


Chunky – Bruno Mars

I could honestly add any song from Bruno Mars’ album, 24K Magic, but this seems to be a lesser known one compared to “That’s What I Like” and “Finesse”. With a very 80s-remiscent tune and upbeat quality, I always find myself dancing along to this song.

Forever – Justin Bieber

Listen, I’m not necessarily a Justin Bieber fan, but it’s hard not to play some of his recent songs. This, along with “Intentions”, are constantly stuck in my head. This song is also about his wife, Hailey, which makes it ever sweeter!

Move! – NIKI

The ostacato-esque instruments in the back of this song combined with Nikki’s rhythmic voice are enough to make the song a positive listen — along with literally any other song on this album.

King – Years & Years

So I stumbled upon this song on of the #throwbackthursday playlists and remembered just how much I used to play it in middle school. Add it to your playlist and you’ll for sure be reminiscing about past times.

Your Side of the Bed – Loote

Quite possibly one of the best post-break-up songs. Despite the melancholy lyrics, it isn’t just a sad break up song, but rather a celebratory “Eff You!” about moving on, and the feelings associated with coming out of a relationship.

I Like Me Better – Lauv

Maybe I’m biased (I’ve listened to almost every Lauv song and have already seen him in concert so, yes, I can confirm I am a stan), but regardless, it’s hard to forget the extremely catchy violin-esque tune and chorus’ of his songs, especially this all-time favorite.

Acid Dreams – MAX

I also really like MAX, to the point where I contemplated seeing him in concert as well. I feel like this song combines all things quirky and fun. He manages to convey that quality in the music video as well, in case the purple and yellow color scheme isn’t enough to go by.

  Unconditional – Kehlani

Kehlani is known for her R&B discography, but it’s hard not to like any of her mood-boosters with the way her voice floats on every word. This song is about striving for unconditional love, especially with yourself, and the lyrics never fail to put a smile to my face.

Hard Times – Paramore

I don’t know about you, but this song gives me major Donkey-Kong vibes, and that in itself is enough to transport me back to a simpler time. Middle school Paramore songs are just good vibes in general. (If interested, also check out: Ain’t It Fun, Still Into You).

Sreya is a third-year combined computer science and business major. Prior to being Campus Correspondent/Editor in Chief from 2020-2021, she was an editor for Northeastern's chapter. Besides being part of Her Campus, she's also in HackBeanpot and Scout. She spends most of her free time watching cringy reality shows, scrolling through Twitter, and going to concerts.
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