10 Makeup Looks to Recreate this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you hate it or love it, why not use it as an excuse to show yourself some love? Now, pamper yourself with face masks and possibly some aromatherapy oils (they bring in-home spa sessions to the next level) before creating some makeup looks that will make you feel extra cute and confident. Whether you plan on going out with friends, going on a date or just spending Valentine’s day like any other day, let these looks inspire you to have some fun!

1. Fresh and glowy

This look is simple, but plays up the subtle tones of pink. Layer on your favorite natural makeup over a glowy base, such as a luminizing primer or use foundation paired with a subtle highlighter. For the final touch, use a lip gloss that has pink tones. Check out this Instagram post's description for a full list of products used.

2. Soft Blurred Lips

Skip the lipliner for this look and apply your favorite lipstick or liquid lipstick, blurring the edges with your finger or a q-tip to create a soft “plush-like” effect. This is the perfect look if you don’t feel like touching up your lipstick constantly throughout the day.

3. Glam Pink Tones

The focal points for this look are in the half cut crease eye look and the glossy lips. Although it may seem daunting to recreate, it's pretty easy – just check out her tutorial and follow along!

4. Red Lip + Liner

A classic Valentine’s day look is a red lip with some winged eyeliner. To add more dimension to the lip, go for an ombre look by using a darker color to line your lips. Check out the description on her Instagram post for a full list of products used.

5. Red Smokey Eye

This smokey red look is perfect for going out. Blend some red eyeshadow across your eyelids, deepening the color with dark brown or black towards the lash line. Pop a shimmery shade on the lid and smoke out the bottom lashes to create a soft look. Swipe on your favorite dark red lip to add the finishing touch.

6. Monochrome

Go for a trendy yet simple monochrome look this Valentine’s day. Simply pick a color and sweep it across your eyes, cheeks and lips. Use your lipstick as a blush by lightly tapping some onto the cheeks and blending it out.

7. Heart Blush

For this playful look, place two heart stickers on the tops of your cheekbones. Apply your favorite blush and then peel off the stickers to reveal the heart imprint. Don’t be afraid to bring the blush up to your cheekbones!

8. Artsy Eye Look

Let your artistic side out with this fun eye-based look. The small hearts across the crease can be drawn with liquid lipstick and a small brush. You can even try drawing these small hearts across your cheeks with different colors.

9. Metallic Lip

A spin off of the classic red lip, metallic lips are a fun way to bring another element to a simple look. Try pairing this lip-look with minimal makeup or a single wash of color across the eyelids, such as the dusty pink shown here.

10. Rose Gold Eye

For a more classic glam look that's perfect for going out, try using browns and rose gold shades to create this soft smokey eye. Complete the look with some highlighter and your favorite lip color. For some added drama, pop on some falsies and liquid eyeliner.