Uber and Lyft Drivers Discriminate by Race and Gender

Newly released studies from universities across the country are indicating that drivers from the companies Uber and Lyft are discriminating against individuals who are not white or male.

The National Bureau of Economic Research demonstrated that African American individuals and women face a harder time securing a ride from Uber or Lyft. They face a higher chance of cancellations, and in some cases have to deal with longer routes and therefore longer arrival times.

Studies are showing that although services like Uber and Lyft are proving to make transportation more accessible to everyone, at the same time it’s also becoming easier for drivers for these services to pick and choose their passengers. Because of this, the secureness and integrity of the companies’ services is being judged and jeopardized. However, both Uber and Lyft have responded similarly by defending their services and the choices their drivers make.

The statistics from the research targeted towards the cases produce alarming numbers, further demonstrating and proving that a significant percentage of women and African Americans are having to wait longer for Uber and Lyft transportation.

People who have been subject to the discrimination from the companies’ drivers are urging consumers to petition for better training of the drivers. Many of the individuals fallen victim to the discrimination, especially women, are calling for tougher consequences for the lack of respect from Uber and Lyft drivers.