Things You Should Do During Thanksgiving Break

It is officially Thanksgiving break which means no school or work and most importantly, endless amounts of food! Around this time many travel all around the the world to visit family or just to simply get away. With a whole week off it can become easy to get bored or irritated. However, we must not forget that Thanksgiving break should be a time of relaxation and joy. Here are a few ways to relax and unwind and most importantly enjoy your time of.

Spend Time with the People You Love

This one may seem like an easy one, but you’d be surprised how many of us look over the power of quality time. During this time of year is when we get together with our distant relatives or close friends that we may not see on a daily basis. These interactions are important because it allows us to catch up and interact with people that we don’t always have the chance to. We may have that annoying uncle or that noisy aunt but I encourage you to spend time with people you love. Because during this time, it’s important to give thanks for the people who surround you.

Eat Your Heart Out

It’s Thanksgiving, it’s basically the one night of the year where everyone stuffs their faces with no regrets. Food just makes everything better, so if you're stressed about anything, forget about it for a little bit and enjoy your feast. This break, I encourage you to eat all the turkey and stuffing that your little heart desires. Have no worries, and besides, everyone knows that November and December are the months where diets are not even a thing.

Take Time for Yourself

Contrary to the first point, it is also important to take time for yourself! If you are having people over this can be a little difficult. However, it is important to take a breather from people and enjoy your own company. During the break you may be out of work or school and this time is important to use to recoup. If you’re not, I also suggest to find some alone time between your busy schedule.

Have Fun and Enjoy!

Again, this is another basic one but I feel like many people get caught up with the stresses of the holiday and often forget to enjoy. We can’t forget that even though this holiday should be enjoyed and it’s important to make the most of whatever the circumstance may be. Give thanks for the things and people around you, after all this holiday is to give thanks and be thankful.


Thanksgiving is the holiday to be thankful, but we should also be kind. The holidays are a complicated time for many. Some may look forward to them while others are not so lucky. Therefore, I highly encourage you to give back to your community and to those who don’t have much.

 These are only a few tips that I think you should keep in mind during the break. They may seem simple and basic but during this hectic holiday season that is is full of materialistic happiness, it becomes difficult to enjoy the holiday. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!