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It’s really hard to say goodbye to something that was so incredibly good to me. I have been a part of Her Campus for almost two years. And for the past (really hard) year, I became a CC alongside the great Mira. We are the class of 2021. And we will both be saying goodbye to Her Campus and I am writing this as an appreciation letter. An appreciation of how grateful I am to have been a part of this wonderful team. 


Her Campus came to me at a time when I needed it the most. I was going through one of the worst heartaches of my life (where I would cry every day without fail) and felt like that bump in the road was never going to end. So, Her Campus was kind of the light at the end of the tunnel. I would always look forward to meetings even if sometimes they only lasted 15 minutes. I just felt heard and understood. 


I was able to write about my feelings and my opinions and I just felt like this was MY place. After always feeling so out of place everywhere else. I never felt like I belonged in other clubs I had ever been in or with other big groups of people. Even though at the beginning I barely even talked to the other members, they didn’t treat me differently for that like I have been treated before for being “too quiet”.  They were patient and welcoming. 


After being chosen for the leadership position at Her Campus, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to edit the articles and learn how to publish them and coordinate events for fundraisers, etc. But then the pandemic didn’t come to an end by the Fall. And we were supposed to begin doing the meetings on Zoom. And we weren’t able to hold bonding events. And it felt like the world was just shutting down completely. I was afraid of HerCampus not working out. Or for everyone to get too busy from all of the homework overload. But these strong girls, stood by us. And I am so thankful for that. 


It didn’t hit me that I was moving on into a new chapter in my life until we held the orientation zoom meeting with next year’s CC. And the waterfalls started pouring. It hit me that I am graduating and that I won’t ever be able to write for Her Campus again. And it hurts me a lot because Her Campus will always hold a special place in my heart. And I just hope it continues to prosper here at NMSU as the years go on. Because some girl may need it, a girl who might feel like she doesn’t belong anywhere and can call Her Campus, her place just like I did.

Senior at New Mexico State University that's majoring in Psychology with two minors in Spanish and Journalism. I spend too much time shopping, watching TV shows, listening to podcasts about breakups, spoiling my cat Juno, photographing every detail of my life and scrolling through TikTok. Writing is my thing and I hope it makes you laugh, feel understood, or is helpful to you.
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