Study Abroad Packing List

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity but it's hard to know what to pack for six months to a year! Here's a comprehensive, but basic list that I wish I had had when I went abroad to England last spring. Some things will differ depending on where you are planning on going, but most of the essentials stay the same. Here's an idea of what to bring.

Clothes that are sure to fit the climate of the place your going to are a must-have, so be sure to do research on how the weather changes over the amount of time you will be there. Don’t overpack. You're likely to want to buy clothes while you are there and bring them back home.

T-shirts/Tank tops


Long Sleeve shirts





Skirt or shorts 



Something nice to wear out

Light Jacket (at least 2)

Heavy coat

A couple pairs of comfortable shoes (and some nice ones if you insist)

Shower Sandals

House Sandals or Slippers



 I found that when I first got to my destination, I wished I had some travel sized toiletries. I didn’t bring any shampoo or conditioner because of the weight but after a long plane flight, all you want is to take a shower. 

Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner (you can buy more later)

Travel Size Toothpaste

Travel Size Soaps (face, hand, and body)

Travel Size Lotion

Travel Size Tissues


Tampons or Pads

Makeup (I only brought makeup I regularly use. You might find some makeup that you really like!)

General Needs

A Blanket (you might not have a blanket or sheets provided to you, especially in a hostel. Its best to bring a blanket and maybe order sheets and duvet set and have it sent to your new place. Be sure to check with the place you'll be staying first!)

A journal and at least one notebook in case you can’t find one on time for class

Passport carrier that fits around your neck (passports and money that stay in places that are easy access to pickpockets will disappear. You can get carriers that double as wallets)

Passport (keep in passport carrier at all times)

Cash in all currencies of where you’ll be visiting on your way there. (keep in passport carrier at all times)

Credit Card/ATM Card WITH A CHIP! If you have a card without a chip it will be difficult to use most places and it's sketchy to send one to yourself from back home.

Power adapter (at least one, I found that I needed a couple adaptors for both my phone and laptop)

Sense of adventure and your A-Game  




Camera (film and/or Digital)