Staying Healthy = Priorities



Yesterday morning New Mexico saw its first three cases of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). On the same day WHO World Health Organization declared this virus to be a pandemic.The people who tested positive are all in volunteer quarantine. New Mexico State employees are not to travel for work and our Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has declared New Mexico in a Public Health Emergency. She is also postponing any state controlled events to prevent spread. Lujan Grisham also encourages people to avoid going to public events. In addition she emphasised that officials are not panicked, and that you should not panic either. Despite the announcements NMSU has made the decision to resume classes as normal, for now. Life in Las Cruces has not changed its norm but you should. 

Steps you can take to stay healthy:

Limit Travel: Spring break is coming up fast and I'm sure you have made plans to go somewhere nice and fun. If you want to avoid getting sick, postpone your trip, try to get your money back. Stay home, make sure you stay healthy.

Eat your necessary nutrients: Eat Vegetables, get protein, take a short soak in the sun, eat foods that are high in nutrients, make sure your body is happy with you so it can fight its best way out of a virus. 

Wash your hands frequently: Washing your hands, between the finders, up the arms and under your nails, is the most effective way to rid your hands from viruses and bacteria. Hand Sanatizer can only do so much, though using hand sanitizer is not a bad idea to do IN ADDITION to washing your hands. Use Antibacterial soap.

If you are sick, stay home: Quarantine yourself, make sure you do not get anyone else sick, if you are in the situation where you have a roommate, make sure you wash all surfaces before and after using them and advise your roommate to do the same. 

Minimize your exposure to large groups of people: Yes you still have to go to class until the university says otherwise. This includes games, concerts, the farmers market, etc.

Whenever you get home: Wash your hands, shower, put clean clothing on and eat some healthy food,

Stay away from people with compromised immune systems: Cancer patients, elderly, people who have previously had problems with their immune system, young children. 

Educate yourself on the symptoms, and longevity of the virus: Do some research on the virus and take action against it. 

NMSU's response is reasonable, as New Mexico has only seen 3 cases so far. NMSU is not yet compromised and as it is the job of the university to prioritise education. It is your job to do the same, as well as take steps to prevent spread. Especially with spring break around the corner, be vigilant with your travels, or don't go at all. 

The population of Las Cruces’s response made me laugh yesterday. I visited the grocery store and I witnessed people buying food as if they were getting ready for a celebration. As New Mexico is low on items like hand sanitizer, make sure you wash your hands regularly, and educate friends and family on the best steps to take to prevent illness.


If you are concerned about your health, call this phone number.

(855) 600 3453

Ofcourse if it is a medical emergency, call 911 or go to a hospital.