Spooky Fun

Happy almost Halloween! As the days get shorter, the 31st gets closer and you start feeling spookier, the more fun this time of year becomes. If you want some fun spooky ideas to do with your significant others or even your best friends you’re in the right place.


Start it off fun inside, but in spooky(ish)


There can be two ways to the beginning of the fun. A pumpkin carving session is always so fun. Getting two or three big pumpkins and two or three smaller ones. If knifes scare you, paint is just as fun! Or even stickers, glow in the dark paint or anything that can be glued. Put a classic Halloween movie on (Halloween Town is always a good choice) and make some cookies and you’re set for a fun, semi-spookie night!


Now, go outside!


Corn mazes or scary haunted houses always are a great first date or girls date. Make a night out of it, enjoy all it has and don’t worry about pictures or recording it on Snapchat. Put your phone down, grab hands and just feel the moment! For me, I just went to a corn maze with my boyfriend and it made it even more fun going when the sun was down and not using a flashlight to guide the way! It added suspense and made it that much more fun.


Baking, Baking, Baking


Competition is always fun and so is baking. So, why not show off your baking skills? Don’t take it too seriously, but if you want to go crazy, that’s good too! Get a group of friends or you versus your man/women and see who can make the most creative, yummy, Halloween based treat! Maybe pumpkin pie Rice Krispie Treats or coffin inspired brownies. Ask someone to “judge” based off taste, relation to Halloween and presentation! It’s a fun, not too much planning, activity!


All in all, making a night of fun with friends, with a touch of spooky, is all you need. No need to go and spend hundreds, or waste the night doing something not too fun, make the most of what you can. Remember the best part of the holidays is making memories with friends. Have A safe, fun and spooky Halloween!