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Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas is home to some of the spookiest locations. From wandering heartbroken spirits to a hidden underground school bus with a tragic story behind it. Despite the nature of these urban legends, they have a lot of history behind them. Whether the stories are true or not they add to our beautiful region so without further ado here are some of the spookiest places in the Las Cruces, Mesilla, and El Paso area. 

Disclaimer: some of the following places may be located on private property or belong to the city. By no means is it encouraged to trespass these locations.


Double Eagle Restaurant in Mesilla, NM

The Double Eagle Restaurant in Mesilla, NM has a tragic story of forbidden love, heartbreak, and murder. The story goes that the restaurant was a house owned by a wealthy family, The Maes. The Maes owned a freight line importing and exporting goods. The family business was expected to be run by the oldest teen son, Armando. However, the young boy fell in love with one of their teenage servants, a beautiful girl by the name of Inez. Their secret love was hidden by the servants and townspeople that helped the young couple see each other. But one day Armando's mother caught them and banished the young girl. But that didn't stop the couple from seeing each other. One day the mother caught Armando and Inez back together which stirred great rage in her. Armando's mother attacked Inez with her sewing shears and killed the young girl. However, in the struggle the mother stabbed her son Armando who never regained consciousness and passed away a few days later. It is said that the mother stricken by so much grief never spoke a word again. According to employees of the Double Eagle and guests that stay, the spirits of Armando and Inez wander in the Carlotta Salon where they were murdered. Lights turning on and off, whispering, and furniture being rearranged have been reported. Two rarely used overstuffed chairs that sit on the corner of the salon also show signs of wear, as if two lovers occupy that space today.

You can visit the Double Eagle Restaurant located at 2355 Calle De Guadalupe. Mesilla, NM.


The Amador Hotel in Las Cruces, NM

Built in 1866 , The Amador Hotel is said to be home to several ghosts. It has become a popular ghost tour attraction where guests report seeing shadowy figures, the lights turning on and off, and even leave with scratches in their arms. It is said it's the work of the ghost of a little girl named Annie. A playful spirit that frequents the second floor and according to ghost investigators has told them to bring her a purple toy. The hotel is currently under construction and not open to the public as of right now.

The Amador Hotel is located at 180 W. Amador Ave, Las Cruces, NM.


Plaza Theater in Downtown El Paso

Plaza Theatre, the perfect location to snap a picture as tourists and El Paso locals stop by and visit. But what people don't know is it doesn't only host living visitors. The Plaza Theatre opened its doors in 1930 and it became a popular attraction in the 30's and 40's. However, its ticket sales declined in the 50's and 60's that led to the theatre being sold and demolished several times. Ghost sightings and creepy situations have been reported as a strange red-orange light pops up suddenly and the lights turn on and off. The most rumored ghost sightings include the story of the spirit that sits in the back row of the theater or the giggling girl in the mezzanine. A creepier story is the one of a 'smoking man' who sits on the balcony, talks to the staff, and has been seen to plunge head-first over the balcony. 

Plaza Theatre is located in Downtown El Paso, TX, on 125 West Mills Avenue. 


Gravity Hill in El Paso, TX

The urban legend of the Gravity Hill in El Paso is a story that leaves goosebumps down the spine of drivers who take the hill. There are different versions to this story, one of the stories is that of a fatal school bus accident where the children on board and the bus driver lost their lives. Another is the story of a mother and her children, driving on the road who then suffered a car accident that claimed the lives of both mother and children. Either story has drivers freaked out while driving, especially since it has been reported that if you take the hill and put your car on neutral your vehicle will start moving up the hill as if someone is pushing it, defying the laws of physics. Theories that the spirits of those who passed away in the accidents are the ones responsible for pushing the vehicles who drive on this road. Some say the spirits push the vehicles away from danger or push them to their doom. It is said that if you sprinkle baby powder on your windows you can even see the handprints of the children pushing your vehicle. 

Gravity Hill is located on the West side of El Paso on Thunderbird Drive.


Underground School Bus in El Paso. TX

Now the underground school bus in El Paso, TX, is an urban legend that explains the mystery of an underground school bus buried in the middle of nowhere on the very long roadway, Montana Ave. The origin of the story dates all the way back to 1950 when a man lost his only daughter in a tragic school bus accident. The father in so much pain and grief lost his sanity and unable to continue with his life decides to rebuild the bus where his daughter lost her life. Little by little he is able to find the abandoned school bus and pieced it back together. The man late at night towed each piece of the school bus into a vacant lot outside of El Paso City limits on east El Paso. The bright yellow bus in the middle of nowhere was easy to spot so the man decided to bury it and turn it into something like a basement in an attempt to hide it. He spent his days inside the school bus trying to find the presence of his six-year-old daughter and picture her blue eyes, blonde hair, and the red dress she wore. Unable to find the spirit of his daughter in the school bus he became insane. One day he drove by the Elementary school where his daughter used to attend hoping he would see her. Then it happened, a young girl around the same age as his daughter with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes stood just outside his vehicle. The man desperately hoping it was his daughter took the girl. However, on the car ride he realized it wasn't her. Fearful that he would get in trouble he decided to lock the young girl inside the school bus. Feeding her and taking care of her, but not feeling any love from his daughter. This caused him to fall into a deep depression and spiraled out of control by driving back to the Elementary and abducting more little girls. The town was in hysteria in search of the little girls. One day one of the girls broke out and set fire to the house. A fire broke out engulfing the cabin-like school bus in flames and unfortunately killing the girls underground. The man was never seen again. The remains of the burned underground school bus are still there. The underground school bus sits on private land so you need permission to access the area. But those who have been able to visit say they've experienced sounds of children playing as well as some paranormal activity. 

The underground school bus is located in far east El Paso. Due to the underground bus sitting on private property the exact location won't be disclosed.

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