Show Yourself Some Love!

As we sit here coming up to the midway point of this semester, I want you to take a second and think: wow, I’m here and I’m doing this thing.

Sure, we’re not full of energy, we don’t do our hair and makeup as fully as we did, we don’t pick out our outfits the night before and we’re not quite as excited as we once were to go to class. But, we’re here and we’re okay. That my dear friend, is a compliment. I mean that in every way possible.

You see, as a struggling college senior who is reconsidering her whole life as we speak, I started therapy. It was so scary. I was so concerned to tell anyone. I even didn’t want to go because even in my own head I was like no, I’m that messed up. I don’t need that much help. I don’t need help at all! But, there is no such thing as not needing help. So, I decided I wanted it. I wanted to feel okay, confident and like I had someone who wasn’t part of my inner circle to talk to. So, here are 3 things that my therapist taught me every girl needs to hear and maybe doesn’t know they do. To make sure at the end of everyday, she feels happy, grateful, alive and okay.

  1. Stop trying to carry the world

I always pretend I’m a superhero. Sure, in my own way I am. I tackle bad things and make them good. I handle a lot of things at once and somehow manage it alright. But I feel like I don’t need anyone else to help me do it all. As you read this, think about it. When you’re stressed, overwhelmed and feeling like you just can’t do it anymore, how many times have you said to a loved one, hey can you help me? Can you remember one? Maybe two or even 5? I’ll leave you with what my therapist says, asking for help doesn’t make you weak or not superhero. It makes you smart and it makes you human.

2. Girls nights are fun, but so are me nights!

I love my friends. No, really. I love them. I can hang out with them for hours and feel so relaxed and happy. I tell my therapist this a lot. She’s happy for me, friends are important and feeling those great feelings are too. But, feeling them alone is important, too. If sitting in your biggest T-shirt with your hair up in the highest, messiest bun, with Keeping up with the Kardashians on is your idea of relaxation and happiness, let me tell you! One, same here, we’re soul sisters. Two, do more of that. Hang out with friends, family, your man or women, but also just hang out with yourself! Me time is important, start setting time aside for it.

3. You’re here and you’re okay

It’s a simple sentence, but it’s important. She told me this once and I was confused. Why just okay? She had a good reason. She said everyday I want to say this, but sometimes I’m not great. Sometimes I’m not even good. But everyday I should strive to be here (to be on earth and present) and okay, at least if all else, okay. So remember that, the world may seem like it’s over, the sun may seem like it’s never coming back and you may feel so overwhelmed. But the earth will keep turning, the sun will rise and set again, and you are here and you are okay.

I’ll leave you with that, but also remember therapy may seem taboo, but it’s not. Everyone needs help. I hope you can get it, even if it’s not therapy, i hope it’s someone or something else. Remember you’re here and you’re okay.