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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NMSU chapter.

This past Friday, the new season of Netflix’s hit show “Sex Education” premiered. With two very successful and well-received seasons, a third season was inevitable. As someone who was a massive fan of the previous two seasons, I must say that this one does not disappoint. It is just as good if not better than the previous seasons, with a much more sinister villain in my opinion. 

The season starts off with a great and hilarious sex montage to a funky cover of a hit 80s song just as the previous season did. Believe it or not, these literal fast-cut sex scenes between all of our characters (and there are a lot) are never salacious or as racy as you think they would be. They weirdly do a lot to show how much our favorite characters have grown from the past season in a way that’s very clever and true to the show. 

Speaking of sex scenes, there are a lot of those. The beginning montage lets you know exactly what kind of show this is if you do not already know. There is a lot of sex, but if you could not guess that from the title and rating then I don’t know what to tell you. None of the sex here feels like sex for just the sake of being sexy or attempting to be sexy. Much of the sex shown is actually very awkward, which would make sense for our clueless and horny teenage protagonists. They are cringy and can give you lots of second-hand embarrassment, but that’s a good thing. There is a lot of sex being had, but no one ever feels sexualized. 

The expansion of relationships from the past two seasons is done very well. There is some excellent character development that happens this season, and all I can say is: we love to see it. There are some great character moments that make you fall in love with some unexpected characters, but they’ll also make you hate some unexpected characters. It’s wonderful to see some great changes that let us know that these characters a human that can be better and that also make mistakes.

The villain in this show is absolutely devilish and so good. I never knew that Jemima Kirke could be so evil and controlling. She absolutely kills it on this show as the new Headmaster of Moordale. You just love to hate her, even when you sympathize with her. 

Now while this show can be a great time and a great laugh, it doesn’t try to hide from the serious issues and it never has. Our characters definitely have some trauma to work through and new traumas taking place. They are all equally heartbreaking to watch, but the show handles them properly and with a lot of grace. 

Overall, I liked this season more than I thought I would. It has its highs and lows, and while it isn’t perfect, it gets pretty close at some points. It is definitely worth checking out, especially if you enjoyed the two previous seasons.

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