Scary Movies on Netflix to Watch this Halloween


If you are like me, you really enjoy binge watching scary movies every year in the month of October leading up to Halloween. You know, to get into the spooky season the right way. The following movies in this list can be found on Netflix. For this list, I will do a “scary 1-5 scale” (to try something new). 


The Autopsy of Jane Doe 


This movie is similar to Shay Mitchell’s The Possession of Hannah Grace, but I do like this one more considering it was low budget but even a bit creepier than Mitchell’s. A father and son have a morgue as their family business. One evening, the police take a body of a young woman to them who hasn’t been identified and has no visible signs of the cause of death. It starts as a normal evening, but strange things begin happening and it only gets creepier. I’ve watched this one a few times, such a good watch. Scary Scale: 4


Would You Rather


This might’ve been one of the first movies I ever watched on Netflix when I first got it. I enjoyed every minute of it too. It is a torturing film, not everyone could get through it. A young woman is invited to dinner with a sadistic millionaire. She agrees to go because she needs the money the millionaire promised the winner to help her sick brother. The goal of the millionaire is to torture his guests to do crazy things to themselves or each other *spoiler* which ends in murder. I have watched this one a few times, I felt all the emotions one can feel all throughout the movie. I would sometimes have to turn away from the screen, so you’ve been warned! It is more horror than scary but for the Scary Scale: 3. 


 The Bar


This is a movie from Spain that I really enjoyed all throughout. It isn’t technically scary, but it is suspenseful because it keeps you at the edge of your seat. It is about a group of strangers that get trapped in a bar in Madrid after witnessing a murder. Throughout the movie, all the characters start turning on each other and *spoiler* the dead bodies start piling up. It is definitely one of my favorites on Netflix. This one isn’t scary but suspenseful! Scary Scale: 1 




I believe Veronica was named one of the scariest movies on Netflix and to me, it was. It is based on a true story and according to all the police officers that were called in the true event, what they witnessed could not be explained. A young girl in Spain plays with the Ouija board during an eclipse at school because she wants to try to communicate with her deceased father. She becomes possessed and her life becomes a torment to her and her siblings. I’ve watched this one a few times, such a good, scary, watch. Scary Scale: 5. If you want to know more about the real story, here is an article about it. 




I accidently stumbled across this hidden gem and I am glad I did. This one is a compilation of eight creepy stories about each major holiday in the U.S. It isn’t for everyone because it does have some really dark themes, but I feel like maybe that is something you’re looking for if you’re reading this. Anyways, I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too. Every time each story ended; I was very excited to know what was next. I will say this, the Easter story has a really scary character. Scary Scale: 2