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Saying Bye is Always Hard

The last week of my college life is finally here and it came a lot sooner than I thought. As I’m starting to  get ready to cross the stage this coming saturday I often look back at the past four years and think of all the amazing memories that I’ve made. College has given me life-long friendships, it has given me knowledge out of the books and so many opportunities to grow as a person. And as weird as it sound I will miss college so much.

My senior year of college has been a year full of surprises, especially this semester. This semester I finally got an internship opportunity. I had been pursuing an internship and for a brief moment I thought that I wouldn’t get one, but I did. This semester I also got accepted into the Disney College Program! I had dreamt of working for the most popular mouse and I had lost hope a little last semester as I was having troubles to make this a reality. But this semester I finally decided to apply and I got in!! I am so excited that I will be fulfilling this dream that I’ve had since the very first time I visited Disneyland. But I think the most important thing that happened to me during my senior year is that  I finally became a Campus Correspondent, a position that I had been aspiring to for a while now but the timing wasn’t right, and it was until the Fall 2017 semester that I was asked to become a Campus Correspondent for the NMSU Chapter. Taking over this position has been one of the most rewarding things that I have done throughout my whole four years of college and I will be forever grateful that I got this opportunity.

By being a CC I had the chance to meet the most wonderful, strong and intelligent women. I was truly amazed by every member of the Her Campus at NMSU chapter, they each had their own great personality and every single one of them contributed something important to the chapter either by their hard work, their enthusiasm, the joy they brought to every meeting, their life stories, and so much more.  I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be the leader of such an amazing group of people, but most importantly that we were the best team one could imagine and we have achieved most of the goals that we set since our first meeting back in the fall 2017!

I have so many amazing memories with these wonderful group of women since we did so many things together. Tabling in our student union, carving pumpkins, having a gift exchange, going to the carnival, volunteering, a sleepover, bake sales and so many more things. Each and everyone of these things made us come closer as a group and they quickly became like a second family to me. It is something that I honestly never thought would happen and I am so happy it turned out this way!

As I look back at all of these events that we had there is one that will always hold a special place in my heart and that is when we volunteered at the Relay for Life. When we registered for this event none of us really knew what we were getting into. The event lasted all night, we had to walk a lot and we also had to do activities to fundraise money, it sounded a bit overwhelming but we all decided to jump on this new adventure. We registered, started planning our fundraiser activities, bought the materials and prepared for a long night. One of the members, Brittany, was kind enough to borrow us her tent, sleeping bags and chairs. I am not kidding when I say that this tent was a life saver and also a pain. Putting up the tent was such a trouble, thankfully some of the members knew how tents worked  and they were our saviors!!! To this day I still believe that this tent was the ultimate team building activity as we all were doing a part, some were doing more than other and I can only say THANK YOU!

When we finally put the tent the relay started and we all walked together for the first lap, after that we started taking turns. This event was so special to me because we all shared something unique that day. We all struggled with the tend, we were all freezing and sharing hugs and blankets to keep us warm, and we also shared stories, fears, happiness. That event I learned so many new things about each of the members and this is where I truly felt like we were family. Walking side by side with some of these girls was beautiful because of this reason, we could feel comfortable talking to each other sharing personal things. This day was also special because we could witness the effects cancer had in our community and how we were helping. I remember a lady who was a survivor and the whole time that we were there she was always walking. She was a true warrior and if she ever read this, you are so strong and I’m so inspired by you!

As the night was pretty cold the event ended early, but we ended it the best way possible! There was a “Mr. Relay for Life” contest and this was the most fun and hilarious thing ever (shout out to our wonderful Mr. Relay for Life!) , I had so much fun that day even though I almost got pneumonia. Looking back at this day I can’t help but smile, remembering all these wonderful things and also just thinking how we were helping our community.  

To end my last article as a member and Campus Correspondent  of the Her Campus at NMSU Chapter I have two things to say:

1- Remember that life can be hard and the things that we want might not always come when we want, but never lose faith and keep pursuing your dream! Remember that God’s timing is perfect and that if you truly want somehting, it will come!

2- To all the ladies of Her Campus, thank you so much for all the amazing experiences that we have shared. You all have such a bright future and I hope to see you all soon! It has been an honor being your CC and I will miss you all so much.

And like Winnie the Pooh said “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

Student at NMSU, Im an anthropology major. Learning about different cultures, immersing in their traditions and learning new languages fascinates me. Im a food enthusiast, I love to travel and have an intense passion for corgis.
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