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Quarantine Binges to Properly Waste Your Time: Part 1

Everyone is stuck at home nowadays, or at least I hope you are. Being stuck at home means there are limited things to do besides attend online classes, sleep, do puzzles, and watch Netflix. If you’re like me, you’ve been using this lockdown as an opportunity to watch some amazing television and be transported to places that aren’t here. Here are some shows and specials that I think deserve a little more love and are definitely worth anyone’s time. 


Never Have I Ever    (Netflix)


This show, created by the amazing and genius Mindy Kaling, is just so funny and amazingly heartfelt at the same time. The show follows 15 year old Devi Vishwakumar as she navigates high school, boys and the recent death of her father. This show will have you crying with laughter one episode and crying with sadness the next. It’s only 10 episodes long, and every second is perfectly paced and well used. There is amazing representation of all sorts in this show, and every single character is perfectly fleshed out. This show is also the closest thing I’ve seen to representing an actual 15 year old girl who wants to get out in the world. Devi and her group of friends remind me of what me and my friends were like in high school, which is to say that we were massive nerdy, dorks. Mindy Kaling made this show 100% relatable on almost all accounts, and for that, I am extremely grateful. 


Middleditch and Schwartz     (Netflix)


If you have never exposed yourself to the art longform improv comedy, then I recommend you start with Middleditch and Schwartz. It is a collection of 3 hour-long comedy specials that are all improvised on the spot in front of a massive audience. Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz, whom you might recognize from Silicon Valley and Parks and Recreation, are just so insanely talented I’m almost mad about it. They take a suggestion from the audience at the beginning of the show and roll with it, creating hilarious scenarios, for an entire hour. It’s insanely fun and might even make you feel like you're part of their live audience instead of just on your couch. 


Next In Fashion    (Netflix)


Now, I’m not really a person who keeps up with modern fashion, but I love this fashion reality competition series. Hosted by Tan France (of Queer Eye) and fashion icon Alexa Chung, you watch some amazingly talented designers compete to see who is the next big name in fashion. This show is all about diversifying and bringing new faces to the high fashion world. You fall in love with all of the designers, and this show takes a refreshing angle of not making the environment not seem constantly catty and full of drama. The competition is surprisingly wholesome. I never really knew who to root for because there were so many endearing and talented competitors who all deserved to win in their own right. You also get to look at some very glamorous and beautiful clothes. What’s not to love?


Schitt’s Creek     (Netflix)


If you haven’t yet jumped on the Schitt’s Creek bandwagon, then seriously what are you doing?  I say this with all sincerity and no hyperbole: everyone needs to watch this show! I saw this show after hearing so many great things about it, and it definitely lived up to the hype. It is so wholesome and the perfect escapism that everyone needs in tough times like these. You can’t help but root for the Rose family as they struggle to adjust to a life that is no longer lush and lavish. All of the characters are so funny (especially the iconic Moira Rose), and the town of Schitt’s Creek is just so darn lovable. Please, do yourself a favor, watch all of this show right now!


Normal People   (Hulu)


So this is a pick for when you need some sexy, angsty romance. This show isn’t going to make you laugh like the rest of this list, but it is very intriguing and worth a watch, especially when you need a good cry. The internet has kind of been going crazy about this show and for very good reasons. This show is so insanely romantic, angsty, and steamy that you just don’t know what to do with yourself after you watch it. It is based on the book of the same name by Sally Rooney, and it’s refreshing to see such a steamy love story told and filmed from the female gaze. The nudity and sex are remarkably and refreshingly tastful without being prude, and every character is strongly independent but not without their own faults. You will be frustrated with the stubborn Connell and Marianne as they come together and push one another apart, and yet you won’t be able to stop watching. 


These are only some of the recommendations that I have for everyone. Keep up with HerCampus at NMSU for part two of this little series. Stay safe, wear your mask, and binge away! 


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